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  1. AWS SDK for PHP
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    AWS SDK for PHP is the Amazon Web Services SDK for PHP. The package allows developers to build applications that interact with Amazon Web Services tools and features. Features of AWS SDK for PHP:General Features:- AWS PHP Libraries - Build PHP applications on top of APIs that take the complexity out of coding directly against a web service interface. The ...
  2. KForm
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    KForm is an object-oriented PHP script for creating web forms. Server side data processing code is also includedFeatures of KForms:Supported Methods:- addText- addPassword- addFile- addButton- addSubmit- addHidden- addCheckbox- addRadioGroup- addTextArea- addSelect- addOption ( to a created select )- addFieldsetLimitation:- The script is still under development and may change.
  3. No Screenshot
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    This class can be used to convert URLs in text to links using Bit.ly . It can parse a text to find HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and FTPS links.The class sends requests Bit.ly Web services API to convert the URLs that it finds into HTML links using the Bit.ly URLs.
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    Embed Shoutcast radio takes the URL of an Internet radio and generates HTML embed tags with the necessary parameters to play the music of the given Internet radio. Some embedding parameters are predefined, but their values can be changed and new ones can be added. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
  5. No Screenshot
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    Omsnplus takes a string of text with tags used by MSN Plus and converts it to HTML that can be displayed in a Web page.Styles, colors, backgrounds and smileys can be formatted using icons.Requirements: PHP 4 or higher
  6. No Screenshot
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    Web Page Size Calculator can fetch a Web page and analyse it to determine the total size of the page files including its elements.It may be used to figure if a page is taking too much bandwidth and time to load because its total size is too large. Once you determine the total size of your pages, you can take ...
  7. No Screenshot
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    Grab URL is meant to fetch a page of a given URL and send it by e-mail as HTML message. It provides functions to set the message headers From:, To:, Cc:, Bcc: and Subject: .Alternatively, Grab URL may also display the fetched HTML page making it be outputted by the current script.
  8. No Screenshot
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    Web Crawler using MySQL DB retrieves a given Web page and parses its HTML content to extract the URLs of links and frames. The URLs that are crawled are stored in a MySQL database table if the URL was not yet stored previously.The list of URLs already stored from a specified domain name can also be displayed on a Web ...
  9. No Screenshot
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    RSS News Reader can retrieve and parse RSS feeds. It can cache the feed information in files for 1 hour to avoid excessive accesses to a remote feed source site.
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    upload.inc.php is a class for managing files uploaded via Web forms. Given the form file field name, it can determine if the file upload was performed correctely and does not exceed a given size limit.If everything is correect, the class can move the uploaded file in a given destination directory. upload.inc.php may also check whether the destination directory has sufficient ...
  11. PHP Web Statistik
    254 total visits
    The PHP Web Stat offers you a highly configurable web tracker and detailed real-time web stat script. You will be able to analyze and monitor all visitors of your website.In addition to the statistic script, we offer a counter script that can be placed in a website (example on the right side).This script can be used in different languages. Furthermore ...
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