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    IP Address Subnet Sniffer can be used to determine weather a given IP address belongs to a given list of subnetworks. The class takes an array of subnetwork masks to be checked in the form of strings with decimal numbers seperated dots.Then IP Address Subnet Sniffer can check whether a given IP address belongs to any of the specified subnetworks ...
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    Weather classes can get global weather information from the RSSWeather site.It retrieves the weather information in the form of OPML feeds that list the other OPML feeds of weather information of each country. These OPML feeds point to individual RSS 2.0 feeds of weather information of different regions of each country.Weather classes can extract and output the weather information of ...
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    PHP-XML Weather is a sample to illustrate how one can use PHP and cURL to access an existing XML feed for US weather. It grabs both current conditions and a nine day future forecast based on the zipcode that one enters. Unlike a lot of other PHP weather tools, this one doesn't screen scrape from yahoo or pirate MSNBC's feed...
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