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    Image Manager : Resize, Watermark, Caption designed to be optimally used inside HTML tags to automatically resize and caption images. Modified images are stored in a temporary directory to increase performance e.g. to create a resized image with watermark and caption.
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    The color and font of the text can be specified as a parameter in insert_text_to_image. Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    phMagick passes parameters to the ImageMagick program in order to process several types of image manipulation operations. Currently phMagick can resize images, create thumbnails, darken or brighten images, adding watermarks, rotating, flipping, cropping, converting to grey scale and inverting the images, applying effects like drop-shadows, rounded corners and a "polaroid look". phMagick can also generate thumbnails from Avi and Pdf ...
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    The watermark image can have a color that is handled as transparent color, and can be applied with a variable opacity level within the range from 0% to 100%.The watermark image can be applied in a fixed or a random position of the image to be process. The original image can be served in GIF, JPEG, PNG, WBMP, XPM or ...
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    Smart Image can read images in either GIF, JPEG or PNG formats and apply several processing operations. It can rescale an image either by preserving its proportions or cropping it to not exceed and given width or height.An watermark can also be added by overlaying another image at a given position with a configurable transparency level. The processed image can ...
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    Print Logo On Image can open a transparent image in the PNG format and place it over another image in the JPEG format.Different horizontal and vertical alignment options can be used to place the logo image. The resulting image is generated in the JPEG format and outputted as part of the current script.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Thumbnail images of a specified size can be generated, a watermark can be applied and image information can be retrieved, including the associated MIME type.
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    Three protection mechanism are available and can be used. When an invalid attempt to access the protected images is performed, the class can execute exception actions like redirecting the browser to a given URL or displaying a given alternative image.Key Features of Protector:- Serve the image with several headers to tell browses to not cache the images- Avoid hot linking ...
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    Script Box provides a collection of useful functions.Key Features of Script Box:- Parse and Display RSS Feeds using tables and optional CSS- Create RSS feeds, and use CSS to format them- Generate forms for searching the Web with Google- Produce dates in various formats- Redirect to pages using either HTTP headers or Javascript with a countdown timer- Using sessions, restrict ...
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    An image with a specified width and height is created and a text string is rendered in it. The text may be align to the left, right, center or justified relatively to the image width.The text font, size, background and foreground colors are configurable. The generated image may be served as the current script output or stored in a server ...
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    The PHP GD library or the ImageMagick program can be used. Thumbnail Party generates thumbnail images with a size proportional to the original image.If the original image is smaller than the target thumbnail size, the class may optionally enlarge the original image. The empty spaces around the rescaled image can be optionally filled with a background color. The rescaled image ...
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    Watermark reads a true color image from a file, draws a watermark and saves the processed image. The true type font, font size and font width scale factor of the watermark text can be configured.Watermark can load and save images in the formats: GIF, PNG and JPEG. The resulting image can be saved to a file or generated as part ...
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    Resize takes a given image and creates a copy with a new given size. The class can keep proportions of the original image upon setting a given width or height. A watermark image can also be overlaid over one of the resized image's corners or its center.The final image may also be rotated by a given angle. The background color ...
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    Transparent Watermark is meant to help protecting the sites that own the original images from being stollen by other people that remove the original credits and display the images in other sites without permission.Transparent Watermark will place a watermark with a random displacement and color effect, generally to difficult for watermark removal techniques.
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    Add mark at images can open an image file in the JPEG format, a watermark image in the PNG format, resize the original image to a a given size and apply the watermark image in a given position of the resized image.Both the original and resized images get stored on the server in JPEG or PNG format.
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