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    Phritz MVC framework is an MVC framework for development of browser device independent applications. The script uses XSL to let the developers create applications that support common browsers generating XHTML and mobile device browsers via WAP. Phritz MVC framework can also be used to develop Web services applications that use SOAP and XML-RPC protocols.
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    Mlswap class allows you to create your wml document using few lines of code.
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    phpHtmlLib is a set of classes and library functions to help build, debug, and render XML, HTML, XHTML, WAP/WML Documents, SVG images, as well as complex html widgets.
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    A HTTP connection is established with a specified gateway server and a WAP push request to send a text message to a given destination device number on behalf of a given gateway user is sent.Requirements:PHP 3.0 or higher
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    The XHTML or WML provides a small form to let the user enter text to be translated between two languages.Google WAP Dictionary accesses the Google translate service pages and emulates the submission of the text translation form.Google WAP Dictionary parses the results and reformats them to display small mobile device screens.Requirements:PHP 4.1 and higher
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    Great Wap Chat script, easy in use and simple in installation. Features of GumChat WapChat: advanced who is online list (with username + mobile device + gender + age), cool emoicons, antiflood, you can change the timezone, bad words filter, language file, translit function, multiple chatrooms, no registration, flatfile database, server friendly and more....
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    Free wap claculator with everything you want.Sine,cos,tan,square root and many other functions. Hytotenuse calclator and area calculator for amny polygons.
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    Check ISDN is a simple class that can retrieve the number of mobile phone accessing a WAP site.Check ISDN checks known WAP HTTP request headers that usually are set by certain mobile devices with the calling number.Check ISDN may also perform additional mobile phone number validation.
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    sms classes can be used to send SMS messages using the OperaTelecom Web services API.It can connect a OperaTelecom Web server and send a request to send regular test SMS messages, premium SMS messages and WAP Push messages.sms classes may also get the available service networks and channels.
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    TA_Vpopmail is wrapper class for the vpopmail programs. It can be used to administer an e-mail a server. This class could be used to administeran e-mail server from cellular phones via WAP.
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    Send WAP Push is meant to send WAP push messages using Clickatell Web services API. To use this class it is necessary to have a Clickatell account.
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    This module was originaly designed for CsCPortal™, but after some period it was able to download as a separate script. This script let you have a very nice and comfortable Wap site. CsCP WapSite has many functions, such are: News system, File system manager etc. Also it has abillity to let you create, very easy, a powerful page. In creation ...
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    WAPbuddy is designed to a very, very simple way of building a mini WAPsite to upload ringtones and whatnot your cellphone. No database or setup is required -- only a host that can handle PHP. V1.2 adds support for the Sharp GSX10 Mobile.
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    Fastwap is an easy to set up an use linkmanager for WAP. You can administrate your links via your webbrowser and access them with your mobile phone, where you only have to type in one link as your favorites. Everyone can create a useraccount to log in. It uses MySQL in the backend and it has been tested with PHP ...
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    LazyWAP is a Real-time HTML2WAP converter written in PHP which features On-the-fly conversion of HTML files to WAP format.LazyWAP is an early-stage preview release, feature suggestions and help are welcome.
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