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    This is a port tp PHP of Repat, the RDF parser by Jason Diammond. The class allows you to parse all kinds of RDF documents admiting all the syntaxes defined by the W3C. The class uses an event-driven interface like SAX producing events as RDF statements are discovered by the parser.
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    W3C Validation API can send a HTTP request to the W3C validation Web server to request to validate an HTML page with given URL.The response is parsed and any validation errors are returned.Requirements: PHP 4.1 or higher
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    IDForm can compose a form by adding input elements interleaved with arbitrary HTML sections by defining the input parameters. You can also directly add html code into composing form if you need. IDForm assembles the HTML of the composed form and returns it as a string. The generated HTML code is compliant with the W3C standards. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or ...
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    The user can change the month if desired. The cells of certain days may be customized to appear as links to pages with configurable URLs on which more details can be presented about the respective day.Key Features of PHPalm Calendar:- Generates valid XHTML validated by the W3C Validator.- Provides translations to 5 idioms: English, German, Spanish, French and Portuguese. Adding ...
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    Private Validator is a class that can be used to validate the HTML output of a private Web server via the public W3C's Validation Service.Private Validator is useful to validate pages served by a private Web server that cannot be reached by W3C's server. It fetches a private page to be validated and submits it to the validator service pages ...
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    The XhtmlValidator can be used to validate XHTML documents. It uses only the expat extension functions always available under since PHP 3 and it does not need other external XML processing extensions.XHTML Validator classes parses the documents and check whether the tags and attributes used by the documents are allowed within the XHTML standard.If validation errors are found, highlighted error ...
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    BS XHTML Valid can be used validate HTML that is XHTML compliant and remove tags and data that are not accepted.BS XHTML Valid can parse the HTML data as a XML document and traverse it to verify whether it complies with a list of rules that define acceptable tags and data.BS XHTML Valid can delete forbidden and duplicate tags and ...
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    XHTML Validator can validate XHTML documents. It may also validate other types of XML documents. It can validate a XHTML document first determining whether it is well-formed and then verifying whether it uses only valid tags and attributes. The list of tags and attributes accepted as valid is configurable.If there is an error, it can provide detailed information about what ...
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    PHP Grammar is meant to generate grammar definition XML files for speech recognition applications according to W3 Consortium specification.This XML format for speech grammars is part of the SRGS specification. Platforms conforming to the VoiceXML 2.0 specification are required to support this format. In addition, XML grammars are also supported within the SALT and XHTML Voice specifications.An XSLT Stylesheet is ...
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    HTML Generator can be used to compose and output HTML documents programmatically. It provides means to compose an HTML document by adding tags and data to it.The generated HTML code is fully compliant with W3 consortium HTML standards.
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    OWLLib is PHP library for accessing OWL files. OWL is w3.org standard for storing semantic information.
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    RDF Parser is a port of REPAT, a RDF parser by Jason Williams. The PHP version of REPAT supports all the RDF syntactic variants described by the W3C. RDF documents or URIs are parsed asociating a handler for , each time the parser finds an RDF statement the function will be called receiving the subject, predicate, object, subject type, object ...
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