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    nadlabs SeeMeLikeMe is a completely free user voting system with a basic page 'insight' data collection (like on YouTube). In current the insight data shows you when a new referring url have started to send traffic to your page and how much traffic along with a graph to visually demonstrate traffic jumps due to new referring urls. It is great ...
  2. WP Voting
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    This is a posts voting system for WordPredd blogs. Loggedin users can give the editor feedback on his article by pressing a "Vote" button.Features of WP Voting:- Control voting feature via voting on/off- Control allow or disallow post author to vote his own posts- Customize vote and voted text- Customize vote and voted buttons images- Customize alert message for non ...
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    phpESP is a package for PHP that provides an easy to web-base interface to designing surveys, deploying them on your web site, and exporting data. It features multiple users and users groups. with dataisolation and hiding between groups. It is suitable for use by asingle person, a department, or a entire organization. The surveycreated by phpESP can be easily embedded ...
  4. Actionpoll
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    Actionpoll is a simple PHP Voting script which provides the standard functionality such as unlimited options, IP tracking of users, easy installation, and HTML and WML output. An event can be triggered if a certain number of votes is reached. Surveys can be stored either in a MySQL database or in text files.
  5. Free PHP Poll script
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    Free PHP Poll script with simple admin panel to creat polls. It is vey easy to install.Features of PHP Poll script:- Multiple option voting- Image poll (Absolute path of image)- More than one poll can be displayed in a single page- Easily changeable poll design using css- Easily changeable result bar using css- Highlighting color for highly voted option- Poll ...
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