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  1. LimeSurvey
    9504 total visits
    LimeSurvey is a PHP-based web application that allows to develop and publish online multi-question, multi-lingual surveys. In addition to a large range of question types, and presentation methods, LimeSurvey also allows for survey branching (ie: conditional questions), quota support, optional participant control through a token system, and includes the capacity to export survey results to various formats. It also provides ...
  2. DRBPoll
    3655 total visits
    DRBPoll is a free, simple PHP poll script that doesn't require a database. It allows you to put a poll on virtually any page on your web site. Visitors simply select an option and click the vote button. The results page displays a colored bar graph of the votes. The look-and-feel of the voting form and results page are defined ...
  3. No Screenshot
    313 total visits
    Webbiscuits Vote Caster is a script gives you the easy and fast solution to run your online vote campaigns. If you are still using the traditional method of paper and pen to conduct customer surveys and questionnaires, try Vote Caster! It gives you the ability to run your vote campaigns on your website. Create your questions and answers for the ...
  4. No Screenshot
    704 total visits
    This is a PHP rating script that can be used on your website can rate your items - article, listing etc. They can select from multiple rating from a drop down box. Only one vote per IP can be voted (within a pre-specified time), but many a times it may happen you have many users from 1 particular IP and ...
  5. GentleSource Poll & Voting
    736 total visits
    GentleSource Poll & Voting is a free and open source PHP script which helps you put votes and polls on your website to allow your visitors to select one option and click the submit button to vote. The options that visitors can select could be displayed as radio buttons with text or images. The results will be displayed as graphical ...
  6. Image voting
    1262 total visits
    An image voting system where visitors can vote for randomly displayed pictures. Including upload of user-images, commentary, toplist and administration. Requires MySQL.
  7. Easy poll
    695 total visits
    Get visitor's opinions on a specific topic by providing a simple poll consisting of a question and any number of questions. Values are stored in a flat file.
  8. phpVote
    868 total visits
    PHP/mySQL Vote Features:- simple, fast Code- Multilanguage support- Optical setting with CSS- nice looking Results-Display (inkl. Bar's)- Anti-Cheating (Cookie based) Requirements: PHP 4.x.x / MySQL 3.23.x
  9. AJAXPoll
    1344 total visits
    This script can be used to display poll questions and collect the results using AJAX to avoid page reloading. It can take as parameters a poll question and the HTML to display for each of the poll answers.The script generates the necessary HTML and Javascript to display the poll on a Web page and submit the answer that the user ...
  10. No Screenshot
    2487 total visits
    Poll Engine is meant to build and process survey polls with definitions and results stored in a database. It uses the ezSQL class and the Template Engine class. To use the PollEng class you need to have these two classes and your site must be built with the Template Engine class. Functions of Poll Engine:- read the poll data from ...
  11. No Screenshot
    3187 total visits
    AJAX Voting Poll System is a cool Web 2.0 component for creating voting polls on webpages. The script is fully AJAX-driven and extremely easy to integrate. It is a matter of minutes to have a custom voting poll up and running on your website and its setup requires basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript. The component supports multiple instances of ...
  12. No Screenshot
    2123 total visits
    Tweetypoll poll script is a very simple poll program that soes extraordinary things.No php/mysql/java/asp/ajax knowledge needed. You simply create your poll inside the software and paste some html code into your page. But Tweetypoll has a little twist that can bring a ton of traffic to your blogs or websites. Everytime someone votes on your poll, Tweetypoll Opens up a ...
  13. No Screenshot
    2155 total visits
    With Poll and Voting Script, you can provide votes and polls on your website. A visitor selects one option and clicks the submit button to vote. The results will be displayed as graphical bars. To prevent manipulations the script uses the IP address of the user and/or Cookies. That is to make sure, every visitor votes only once.
  14. No Screenshot
    1800 total visits
    Ratings can insert yes or no ratings of products in a MySQL database table associating to an anonymous user identified by his IP address or to logged user identifier.A summary of all the ratings of a product can also be retrieved.Requirements: - PHP 5.2 or Higher
  15. No Screenshot
    2833 total visits
    PHP Ajax Voting system can record in a MySQL database the votes of the users in several possible options also defined in a database table of poll options. PHP Ajax Voting system uses cookies to keep track of votes done by each user to prevent users voting again. Statistics about the votes performed can also be retrieved. Requirements: PHP 3.0 ...
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