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    Video Portal Player can be used to embed in Web pages videos clips from several video websites. It takes as parameter an HTML template with tags that identify the original URL of the video clip and where the video should appear embeded in the HTML template.Video Portal Player replaces video place holder with HTML tags that embed a video player ...
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    Google Hacks can be used to search the Internet for certain types of files. It accesses the Google Web search pages and submit search queries with special syntax to return lists of files of certain types.Currently Google Hacks can perform searches for: music files, ebook files, video files, application program archives, and text font files. It returns arrays of the ...
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    AntoWG - Anto Web Gallery is a light nice and easy to use Automatic Web Gallery. You can display a lot of images of every dimension. REQUIREMENTS: - A web space. The amount of space depends on the number and the size of the pictures you want to show. - PHP language support. (MySql or any other database is not ...
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    IMDBPhotos is meant to download the poster and all images of a movie from www.imdb.com. It can fetch all images at once and store them in local cache files.
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