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  1. Youtube Clone Video Share Enterprise
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    Video Share Enterprise is the ultimate solution (youtube clone) for starting your VIDEO, AUDIO and PHOTO sharing and uploading community just like Youtube and MySpace Videos. But wait, not only does our solution offers you a video sharing capability, members can now edit their videos on the fly using our Video Editor Plugin - the first and only fully integrated ...
  2. PHP Melody - Video Script
    1477 total visits
    PHP Melody Version 1.6.6 was build with a fresh perspective in mind allowing video import directly from the top video sites including MegaVideo, Mtvmusic, Yahoo, Joost, Photobucket, Guba, Filebox, Viddler, Imeem, OnMash, Sina, Youku, Spike, DailyMotion, Youtube, Veoh, Vimeo, Trilulilu, MetaCafe, and Google Videos to mention a few. PHP Melody can also embed *any* sort of online video.Besides managing videos, ...
  3. QuickStreamingScript
    1097 total visits
    Quick Streaming Script delivers a turnkey solution for running one-click live video streaming hosting services, similar to BlogTV sites. It is based on Adobe Flash and the stream can be delivered for free - ad sponsored or paid - as a premium service supported by the broadcaster. QuickStreamingScript is here to make you money from both ad-supported and premium business ...
  4. Hana Flv Player
    291 total visits
    Hana Flv Player is a Flash file video player for WordPress. The plugin adds multiple FLV players to the WordPress core, so the editors can simply embed FLV files into their posts. To do this, a special page is added in the WP backend where general player options can be edited. To embed a FLV file, a special WYSIWYG button ...
  5. Video Thumbnails
    117 total visits
    Video Thumbnails is a simple WordPress plugin that makes it easy to automatically display video thumbnails in templates. The plugin retrieves the default thumbnail of the video to embed, saves it to the media library, and sets it as the featured image for the post in which to embed. The user can choose to turn off featured images. Installation:- Unpack ...
  6. Vimeography
    145 total visits
    Vimeography is a WordPress plugin for creating and managing Vimeo-powered video galleries. The webmaster can create, edit, style and embed his video galleries from the WP backend. For each created video gallery, a shortcode is provided which users can utilize for embedding it in a page or post. Vimeo videos can be retrieved from an user's account, a Vimeo channel, ...
  7. Videopian
    271 total visits
    Videopian is a PHP script which can retrieve any kind of information about a video hosted on a public video hosting platform. It works very simple. Just point it to a public video host URL and it will automatically retrieve all the data as a PHP array. Features of Videopian:Fetched details:- URL- Title- Description- Tags- Duration- Author name- Author profile ...
  8. Infinite-social-wall
    295 total visits
    Infinite-Social-Wall is a social stream aggregator, which is written in PHP, it mashes up updates from a multitude of networks and presents them into an infinite scrolling web wall. It created to power the site and portofolio of philipbjorge.com, it has been open sourced and adopted by a multitude of users. Besides the standard provided social networks, new ones can ...
  9. No Screenshot
    1351 total visits
    Free Tube Script is a open source php video script which uploads video by users and personal page for users. Features of Free Tube Script:- A good admin panel to control everything.- Add youtube, metacafe video id and the script will do everything for embedding.- But it is not restricted to use only youtube and metacafe. You can use all ...
  10. NuCaptcha phpBB Plugin
    112 total visits
    NuCaptcha phpBB Plugin is a video CAPTCHA system for the phpBB forum platform. Instead of the classical CAPTCHAs, a video is played displaying the desired codes used for authentication. Features of NuCaptcha phpBB Plugin:- High quality video NuCaptchas- Enhanced security- Greater usability for users- Better conversions Requirements:- phpBB 3.0.8 or Higher- PHP 5.1 or Higher (5.3 when running it from ...
  11. No Screenshot
    170 total visits
    resizecalc, also Php video resize calculator is a script that knows a bit about things like "Pixel aspect ratio" (avisynth & mplayer code is output). The idea was to make a platform independent script. running @ http://resizecalc.sourceforge.net.Features of resizecalc:- Resizing, croping, expanding from one pixel aspect ratio to another- simple avisynth (human readable) output script- Smart suggestions :P
  12. Simple Flowplayer
    146 total visits
    Simple Flowplayer is a WordPress plugin for playing media files using FlowPlayer which is a Flash video player, suitable for online video streaming.Requirements:- WordPress 2.9 or HigherWhat's New in This Version:- New option to Flowplayer, to set wmode = "opaque".Installation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.- Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.
  13. No Screenshot
    225 total visits
    Media Embed can embed video and images from remote sites. It takes the URL of a page in a remote site that may have images or video and sends HTTP requests to that site to retrieve details about that media like the title, description, size and thumbnail images.The script can also generate HTML to embed the given remote site images ...
  14. YouTube Player
    446 total visits
    This is a WordPress plugin for quickly embedding YouTube videos in pages and posts. Meanwhile, YouTube videos are embedded via a custom shortcode. By default, all videos will have a width and height which is set from the WP backend.Additionally, to overwrite this setting, the shortcode can be expanded with extra syntax like [youtube id=XXX width=400 height=300].Installation:- Unpack and upload ...
  15. No Screenshot
    208 total visits
    SwapeCaster is a free video/music podcasting script. Pointing a podcast program to the the feed.php file and it will automatically generate a podcast feed.Installation:- Unzip the files and upload them to the web server- Place the music/video files under the "files/" directory
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