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    Valif can be used to validate and output the values of form inputs. It can check the values of a given list of inputs to verify whether the values satisfy several types of possible validation rules.Currently Valif supports validation rules to verify whether the input value is sent and whether it is a valid e-mail address. It may also generate ...
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    Simple OpenID PHP Class can be used to authenticate users with OpenID single sign-on Web services.Simple OpenID PHP Class can set the required and optional user profile fields that the users must provide to authenticate, establish a connection to an OpenID server, redirect the user browser to the OpenID server pages, making the browser be redirected back to a given ...
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    RodaSpell can be used to verify and correct the spelling of a text looking up in a SQL database. Currently it can work with MySQL or SQLite databases.RodaSpell can install a database spelling table that is used to store the known words and an hash that represents the way the text is spelled. The class provides a function to add ...
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    Verify ID is a wrapper class that will interface with VerifyMyIdentification.com Web services to provide online identity validation in real time.
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