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    Confident Captcha is an unique, image-based CAPTCHA solution that stops spam and bots in a way that is easy and intuitive for website visitors. Rather than forcing people to decipher warped and distorted characters or words, Confident CAPTCHA presents the visitor with a grid of randomly-generated pictures and simply asks them to click on specific pictures to verify that they ...
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    This PHP script can be used to manage sites that using Google Webmaster Tools API. Under the hoot, the script sends HTTP requests to the Google Webmaster Tools API Web server to perform several types of actions. Currently it can add or delete site, set geolocation or preferred domain for a site, get the list of managed sites, get details ...
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    DRBImageVerification is a simple anti-spam image verification, or CAPTCHA, script. It allows you to add a challenge-response test to your existing PHP powered forms to prevent automated spam postings.Features:- Quick and easy to install.- Verification string length and character list are configurable.- Requires a session cookie, for additional obscurity.- Includes an example PHP page demonstrating how to add a verification ...
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    Torrent Pieces Hash Verification can compare hashes from torrent metadata file with an actual torrent data directory to produce a report of which files or pieces need to be downloaded again and how much data remains to be downloaded in MB. Even if the original torrent data has been updated or changed this class can also be used. Requirements: PHP ...
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    Random keys stored in a database are used for posterior verification.
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    Security Image displays a form with a text input to let the user enter the displayed characters to be verified.Several parameters such as the verification text length, size and color, as well as the background, can be configured.
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    CrossAuth can be used to authenticate users in multiple domains at once.CrossAuth generates HTML with Javascript tags for one domain that also submits the same user name and password to the authentication page of another domain when the user is successfully authenticated in the main domain.CrossAuth does not perform the actual verification of the submitted user name and password. It ...
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    New USPS Class is an enhanced version of the original class by Adam Globus-Hoenich to provide an interface to use the United States Postal Service's online APIs.New USPS Class adds support to access three new API services: address verification, zip code lookup and city state lookup.
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