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    Variable Length Coding can be used to compress and uncompress data using the variable length encoding. It can read a stream of data and pack it using an pure PHP implementation of the variable length encoding algorithm.Variable Length Coding can also do the opposite reading a variable length encoded stream of data and unpack it to restore the original uncompressed ...
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    One or more PHP call script files can be included to have their structure analyzed.phpMyReflector uses the reflection API to obtain the functions, variables, parent classes, interfaces, and comments of each class found in the included files.The extracted information is used to display in an HTML table.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Variables can also be set to read-only, so that they cannot be changed or removed.Each variable may have associated custom setter and getter functions in order to implement special purpose behavior when the variable is changed or retrieved.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Email Sender class is meant to compose and send e-mail messages based on text templates.Email Sender class sends a message to the specified address and replacing the text template placeholders with the values of the current PHP script global variables.
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    Object and Variable Registry creates a registry to store and retrieve values of objects and variables that can be accessed using this class static function calls. That allows the use objects as singletons.Functions to add, remove or check the existence of object variables to the registry, are provided, as well as for clearing all entries previously stored in the registry.Requirements: ...
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    The variable definition dump is displayed in a color table, similar Coldfusion's cfdump tag command. dBug uses Javascript to make the table expand and collapse so the nested data structures can be conviniently displayed.CSS stylesheets are used to customize the presentation details of the dumped table.
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    Requests can be use to validate HTTP request variable values. It can process the request values set to super-global variables $_POST, $_GET, $_REQUEST and $_COOKIE .Requests can associate conditions to validate the request variable values. It throws an exception if there are any values that do not satisfy the validation conditions.
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    requestUtils acts as acentral place to retrieve user submitted data to a page access via the request, form inputs or cookies.Instead of using the super-global variables $_POST, _$GET, $_REQUEST and $_COOKIE, this class can be used instead so the submitted data can be sanitized to prevent well known security attacks like cross-site scripting and SQL injections.requestUtils may also check whether ...
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