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    SIN/NAS Validator is a simple class that can validate a canadian social insurance number.SIN/NAS Validator offers a simple method to validate Social Insurance Numbers (Canada only).The SIN type can be 000000000 or 000-000-000.
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    Esiform class is meant to create, validate and process Web forms. When a valid form is submitted, Esiform can execute several types of built-in follow-up actions. Currently Esiform supports executing these types of follow-up actions:- Send an e-mail message to a given address based on a template that can be processed using the submitted form values- Resubmit the form data ...
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    UploadClass can take the $_FILES array with uploaded files data and validate it to check if file size are within allowed limits, if the MIME type and the file name extension is one of the accepted. After validation, the uploaded files can be moved to a given destination directory. Requirements: PHP 5 or higher What's New in This Release UploadClass:- ...
  4. HTML Purifier
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    HTML Purifier is an HTML filtering solution that uses a unique combination of robust whitelists and agressive parsing to ensure that not only are XSS attacks thwarted, but the resulting HTML is standards compliant.HTML Purifier is oriented towards richly formatted documents from untrusted sources that require CSS and a full tag-set. This library can be configured to accept a more ...
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    AJAX CRUD minimized is an HTML-based CRUD user interface for adding, updating and deleting database records is provided. The script supports record pagination, relationships to other tables, filtering records by a user defined text, presentation customization with CSS style sheets, callback functions, etc.. Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    MediaCore Video CMS is a free open source video cms and prodcast platform. MediaCore can pull video or audio from any source, track statistics, enable commenting, and provide a high degree of control over the presentation and administration. Who uses MediaCore? The CMS was built for individuals and organizations who wish to distribute video or podcasts on their website without ...
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    With Mini spiders and bots class, requests can be sent to various types of servers in order to perform different actions. Key Features of Mini spiders and bots class:- Get text phrase correct spelling using Google search spelling suggestions- Get exchange rates from Banca di Italia site- Get weather forecasts from Google- Get shorter URLs using TinyURL- Get the geographic ...
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    With the script Forms Protected of XSS attacks, Passed values can be validated as alphanumerical strings, hexadecimal values, dates, e-mail addresses and passwords of limited length. Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Skunky Form can generate HTML and JavaScript to display and validate forms on the browser side. The script may also validate the forms according to several rules on the server side with the PHP code of the class itself. After the form is validated, the submitted values can be saved as records in a MySQL or another database supported by ...
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    Form Data Processing processes the HTTP GET or POST request values and generates SQL INSERT or UPDATE statements mapping request value names to table fields and request values to table field values. Variables can be excluded from an array or regular expression and add custom values to use in the query. Request values can also be combined. Requirements: PHP 4.0 ...
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    PHP jQuery Validation Plugin Class successfully provides server-side form validation with the same rules used in the native jQuery Validation Plugin (client-side). The goal of the script PHP jQuery Validation Plugin Class is to have a single place where all form validation is handled, with uniform error messages and presentation.
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    Securimage PHP CAPTCHA is a highly customizable PHP CAPTCHA script for generating CAPTCHA images to prevent programs from filling out your forms. Securimage does everything from generating images to validating codes. It has support for streaming MP3 audio of the code to the user's browser with Flash. TTF font support, character distortion, custom colors and backgrounds, use wordlists or custom ...
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    vBulletin Bridge functions to manipulate the user table of a vBulletin installation are provided. Currently vBulletin Bridge can register a new member requiring activation, process activation from email, process activation manually, update user details, delete a user, start and end a login session, recover lost password, change the user password. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    D3Upload can take the name of a given file upload input and check if a valid file was uploaded and can be processed. It checks whether the file has a valid name extension. It also checks whether a given destination directory exists and is writable. D3Upload all tests are passed, the file is copied to the destination directory, optionally with ...
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    W3C Validation API can send a HTTP request to the W3C validation Web server to request to validate an HTML page with given URL.The response is parsed and any validation errors are returned.Requirements: PHP 4.1 or higher
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