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    Mrasnika's URL validator is meant to validates HTTP and FTP URLs. Mrasnika's URL validator can also parse the URLs and extract their component parts:- Protocol- User and password- Domains and sub-domain- TLD (top level domain)- Port- Path- QueryComposite parts:- Domain_name (domain tld)- Host (sub_domain(s) domain tld)- Sub-domains array- Path array
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    Utility to validate the fields from a form, you can set the idioms and the fields with an array. If the fields are defined correctly, the ok page is displayed.
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    Paranoia was designed to check the validity of the parameters that a php page will receive after a form submision.Paranoia can be used to check the variables sent by POST or GET.
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    Validator Class is meant to validate page request values eventually submitted using forms via POST or GET HTTP methods. It provides functions that retrieve values submitted in a request variable of a given name and then performs the specified type of validation.Validator Class provides many built-in types of validation like: is it a valid number, integer, boolean, name of variable, ...
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    XHTML Validator can validate XHTML documents. It may also validate other types of XML documents. It can validate a XHTML document first determining whether it is well-formed and then verifying whether it uses only valid tags and attributes. The list of tags and attributes accepted as valid is configurable.If there is an error, it can provide detailed information about what ...
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    class_cnpj allows you to make the validation of Brazilian tax ID for companies and institutions (CNPJ).
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    ISO 2709 Record is meant to handle record files in the ISO 2709 format, a common format for data exchange between libraries. It provides functions for validating, reading and creating records in the ISO 2709 format.ISO 2709 Record is able to retrieve given fields in the 'MARC' flavour record and generating such records from raw data.Limitations:The comments in the code ...
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    Validator classes dynamically creates validation javascript.Currently Validator classes is only generating limited comparisons. I did not want to clutter up the code with unnecessary test cases when I did not use them within my system.The system is fairly easy to understand and fairly easy to extend. Just the sort of thing that everyone has been looking for in a validator
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    hrwsPassport validates the numbers from a german identity card or passport.It also returns the birth date, the expiration date and the age of the owner.
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    Validate String is a validation class for validation of misc strings. It is ideal to validate form data.Yet Validate String can validate the following string types:- alphabetical- alphabetical lowercase- alphabetical uppercase- numerical- alphanumerical- postcodes for: austria, australia, germany, estonia, netherlands, italy, sweden, united kingdom, united states- email- url- ip address
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    Check and validate class contains several funtions to validate text values like email addresses and integers with minimum and maximum range checking.It also has debugging and benchmark functions to check your scripts and to show how long they take to execute.
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    form-o-mat is meant to generate and validate HTML forms using a few functions to define inputs, load and validate the submitted values, and output the form.form-o-mat lets the developer define individual form inputs or inputs that usually are added in logical groups like groups of radio buttons or checkboxes.When the form inputs are added to the form composition the class ...
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    Active URL is meant for manipulating URLs and anchor tags in HTML code and text strings.Functions of Active URL:- Process text strings to detect HTTP, HTTPS and FTP URLs and convert them into HTML links- Remove any links from HTML code- Validate text strings to determine whether they contain valid URLs- Append additional parameters to URLs of links in HTML ...
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    A Class to render automagically Form Fields Html code. I use it in combination with a table that contains the fields description like type, name, javascript events, text, default options, and so.
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    Mrasnika's configuration system uses an XML file to store a data structure for keeping different kind of settings. The XML file has different element of several data types, which are validated when the settings are stored or retrieved.The settings from the configuration file are split in different groups, depending on the purpose for which they are used in the application. ...
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