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    Captcha ZDR is simple, complete and powerfull captcha tool written in PHP for protecting your web FORMS from spammers. Captcha ZDR offers several methods of captcha protection, string protection, calculation protection (sum and deduction), noise in image, string symbols are hard for reading from spamer machines. 8 unique backgrounds for captcha image.
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    A-1 PHP Form Wizard for Dummies works like a wizard that takes you through the various stages involved in creating a PHP form, without having to know the PHP language. You just need to answer the various questions and the wizard will create the code for you. You can add a Javascript validation to the form. Finally, you can customise ...
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    HTMLForm can be used to generate XHTML forms with Javascript to perform client side validation. It can compose a form added all the types of basic HTML form inputs. It also provides convenience functions for adding input for specific purposes, like password and confirmation inputs and password change inputs.There is a separate class to implement advanced text are inputs. HTMLForm ...
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    mysqlForm can be used to create HTML forms for entering values to create new records of a MySQL database table. It queries a MySQL database to retrieve the list of fields of a given table. Then it generates HTML for a form that includes inputs to enter values for the fields of a new record of that table.mysqlForm generates text ...
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    captchaSteroid can be used to generate CAPTCHA validation images with distorted text.captchaSteroid can render the validation text in an image. After the text is rendered, a new image is generated applying wave distortion effects to the original image, in order to make the text harder to guess by robots.The image size, text font, background color, and background image are configurable ...
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    Fast HTML form creator and validator can be used to generate and validate Web forms.Fast HTML form creator and validator can generate HTML with Javascript to validate form input values on the browser side. The class may also validate the input values on the server side. Currently it only supports a validation rule to check whether a required input is ...
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    hnwb_ListView for WinBinder provides an extension of the WinBinder ListView control.hnwb_ListView for WinBinder supports:- Automatic creation of header columns- Handling indexed and associative data arrays- Validating new entries if the data records contain a unique identifier field- Enhanced sorting for the columns with single rows, and hierarchical sorting of multiple rows- Adding, deleting and copying rows- Adding a status bar- ...
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    Hololib is a collection of functions which I've developed for my own use over the years. Hololib includes such things as credit card validation, email address validation, smart line wrap, HTML parser, name parser (breaks a person's name down into its parts) and more. Hololib is free software, in the sense of "free beer" *and* "free speech"!
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    coFormClass can be used to generate and validate HTML forms.There is a main class to generate and validate the form. There are also several other classes that wrap the implementation of the form elements like: text boxes, static text, text area, date list, object, file, select and hidden inputs.coFormClass can automatically display the whole form in an HTML table or ...
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    K-Pregs is a PHP library. K-Pregs comes with many functions related to Regular Expressions.All these are Perl compatible, fast and very efficient functions. Some example validation functions: Visa, MasterCard, Email, Url, etc...
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    Formslib4PHP can be used to generate and validate Web forms. It is made of several classes that abstract Web page elements, form inputs, database access.Formslib4PHP provides several types of built-in form inputs and types of validation. The database access is done using the ADODB library.
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    am_Forms can be used to generate and validate Web forms. It can generate HTML for generating the basic tables of Web form inputs.am_Forms can also generate Javascript code to validate form inputs on the browser side according to validation rule parameters.Currently am_Forms supports the following input value validations: required, e-mail address, telephone number, age, price, city code, equal inputs, minimum ...
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    Check spam can be used to generate and validate CAPTCHA validation images. It can create an image in the PNG format displaying a random text. The text is stored in a session variable for later verification.Check spam can also generate HTML to display the verification image and the inputs of a form on which the user must type the text ...
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    vRIF can be used to validate identifier numbers of companies, individuals, government institutions and passports based in Venezuela.vRIF connects to a Venezuela government site to check whether a given identifier number is valid. It returns a message indicating what kind of identifier number it corresponds when it is valid.Limitations:The code, messages and examples are in Spanish.
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    mabp::request can be used for validating the values of HTTP request variables such as $_GET, $_POST, $_REQUEST, $_COOKIE, etc..mabp::request can validate request values against a list of expected type values like : integers, decimal numbers, booleans, alphanumeric text, HTML text, arrays, etc..Invalid variables may be replaced with default values. The class throws an exception for invalid variables without a default ...
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