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    SOAP server class simplifies generating the SOAP fault response messages.Key Features of SOAP server class:- Base functions to process SOAP message envelope requests and generate responses.- Utility function to validate and extract arguments from SOAP request commands.- Utility function to generate SOAP command responses.
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    Mobile Verification takes a mobile phone number and generate a 9 digit verification code. The generated code gets returned as a string.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    The Authorize.net CIM Web services API is accessed and several types of operations are performed.Key Features of Authorize.net CIM PHP Class:- Create, retrieve, update or delete a customer profile- Create, retrieve, update, delete or validate a customer payment profile- Create, retrieve, update or delete a customer shipping address- Create a customer profile transactionRequirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Valif can be used to validate and output the values of form inputs. It can check the values of a given list of inputs to verify whether the values satisfy several types of possible validation rules.Currently Valif supports validation rules to verify whether the input value is sent and whether it is a valid e-mail address. It may also generate ...
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    ValidatorClass is a simple class meant to validate data submitted via Web forms. It provides means to define the type of validation for each input value and then performs the verification of all the submitted values associating a configurable error message to all inputs that contain invalid values.ValidatorClass supports the following types of validation:- Value length limits- Regular expression matching- ...
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    Private Validator is a class that can be used to validate the HTML output of a private Web server via the public W3C's Validation Service.Private Validator is useful to validate pages served by a private Web server that cannot be reached by W3C's server. It fetches a private page to be validated and submits it to the validator service pages ...
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    Pow F Validation can be used to validate Web form inputs according to several types of validation.Currently Pow F Validation provides the validation types:- Field is empty- Field is selected- Value matches a regular expression- Value is a e-mail address- Two fields have the same value- Text value is made of letters- Text value length does not exceed a limit- ...
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    KVerifiableData is meant to validate data sets, like for instance submitted form input values, according to several types of criteria:- Data items may be set as required or optional.- Types of verification constraints include: minLength, maxLength, minValue, maxValue, moreThan, lessThan.- Can specify and verify by type: string, integer, float, boolean, date, time.- Data items can be arrays or comma-separated lists.- ...
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    AMDev_Captcha generates a CAPTCHA validation images to embed in forms.Features of AMDev_Captcha:- Case-sensitive validation option- Display an optional refresh link to generate a new picture with a different key using AJAX. Generating a new text this way does not count to the user attempts limit verification.- Use of prefix for image file names- Optional garbage collector to remove generated files ...
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    cfdj Class is a simple class for checking the required inputs of a form on the server side, so the validation can be done even when user browser have Javascript support disabled.When the form is submitted the class displays error messages to tell the when a required input is empty and needs to be filled.
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    This class can be used to generate Javascript code for validating Web forms. It takes as parameter a list of form fields to be validated that details the field names, types of validations to be performed and the error messages to associate with each error. Currently it supports validating fields by checking whether the values are not empty strings, values ...
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    TimeControl is meant to determine whether the current time matches one or more different date range validation filter rules.Multiple filter rules may be added verify whether the current time matches the year, month, day, week, day of week, hour or minute.
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    DBNavigator allows youto browse and edit data stored in a MySQL database. It generates an AJAX Web based interface to edit, insert, search rows of MySQL database tables. It can be used to update and delete multiple records at once. It may also prevent editing or deleting records by simultaneous users.Each database table record to be edited can be bound ...
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    Easy PHP Validation provides functions to fetch session, cookie, POST or GET form request values, as well other functions to perform several types of validation.Currently Easy PHP Validation can validate a value as an e-mail address, a number, alphanumeric test, a date, state code with two characters, IP address, HTTP URL, check whether a value is defined, check the length ...
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    SmartyValidate is a form validation class. SmartyValidate is designed to leverage the Smarty templating environment and make form validation as easy and flexible as possible.
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