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    iCaptcha presents several images and asks the user to answer a question related to the pictures. Only one picture is the right answers. The user has to pick the right picture to pass the validation.iCaptcha presents the question and pictures in a form with radio buttons associated to each picture to let the user pick the right picture that answers ...
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    Hybrid Upload Class performs basic error checking to the file size and file name extension. If if the uploaded files are correct, it processes the files by moving them to a given upload directory.Multiple file uploads are supported.
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    A text value can be subjected to several types of validations. Each validation returns the filtered value or false if the input is not valid.Currently Filtreatment can perform the validations for: integer values, floating point values, strip HTML tags, regular expression matching, e-mail address, HTML without potential cross site scripting (XSS) exploits, and escaped text values for SQL queries to ...
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    CAPTCHA X generates an image with a random text rendered in a fuzzy way to make it difficult to guess by robots.The configuration details are read from an file in the ini format. Several types of options can be configured like the text fonts, letters, colors and the noise level of the generated image.The verification image is generated in the ...
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    A list of allowed characters are used to generate random text. The text is rendered as an image with several effects to distort the characters and make it more difficult to guess by automated programs. The text is rendered with fonts defined as images in the PNG format. So it does not need any PHP special font engine library extensions.The ...
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    Animated Simple CAPTCHA generates a random text that is stored in a session for posterior user validation. It renders a series of frames with the text obfuscated by animated letters, grids and optional random fonts.The user can read the text when the animated frames are displayed but robots will have difficult to figure what the text is. The text submitted ...
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    Animated CAPTCHA generates an animated GIF image that displays a mathematical expression of a simple operation between two random numbers, like sum, subtraction and multiplication.Session variables are used to store the numbers and the operation for posterior use.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    CAPTCHA by Anchal can generate an image with a text string with a variable length of a set of allowed characters. It generates an image with the generated text obfuscated by noise text or grid lines.The generated image is stored in a JPEG format file created in a temporary server directory. The text entered by the user can also be ...
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    GD Image Verification Class generates images with random secret texts. The secret texts are stored on the server side using session variables. The GD library is used to generate the images in JPEG format.GD Image Verification Class also provides a verification function to determine whether the text in the image matches the text eventually entered by an user in a ...
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    Another CAPTCHA project generates a sequence of animated images, assembled with in a GIF animation file, to make it more difficult to break by robots because the validation text does not completely appear in each of the animation images.Things like the text length, color and font can be configured.
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    An image with a random key string on a noisy background constructed from random text characters or line grid, is generated.The image is meant to be used in a form so the user reads the key text in the image and must enter it to prove that is a real human.The form also passes an hidden field that contains a ...
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    JSON File Upload can perform several types of validation, like: check whether the user computer IP address is not in a list of banned addresses, check the file size against a given limit, check whether the file name has one of the accepted extensions and check whether file with the same name was previously uploaded.After validation, a file can be ...
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    dm.KittenAuth implements a CAPTCHA validation solution using groups of images and associated questions.dm.KittenAuth can generate a form to let a user pick images for one or more groups of images stored in a MySQL database.The user must pick the right images according to the questions associated to the group of images being presented.
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    Simple Secure Upload executes several tests on the uploaded files and the upload directory to validate and secure the upload. The file name extension, file type, size and directory permissions can be checked.Simple Secure Upload may also create the uploading directory structure, generate a unique random name for the uploaded file, upload multiples files, and keep track of the upload ...
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    A New PHP Form validation takes as parameters the value of submitted form field, a validation rule, validation parameters, and an error message.When the value does not pass the validation rule the error message is stored in a class variable. Currently A New PHP Form validation supports the types of validation rules: text, numeric, email, empty, null, scheck, mcheck and ...
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