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    php-form-builder-class is an Object-oriented php script designed to build HTML forms. It aims to promote rapid development of forms through an boject-oriented PHP structure, eliminate the grunt/repetitive work of writing the html and javascript validation when building forms, reduce human error by using a consistent/tested utility, incorporate complex elements such as jquery, google maps, tooltips, captcha, and html web editors ...
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    PHP Validation is a set of validation rules which lets developers add server-side validation to forms. The script checks the values that a user has entered into your form, and if it doesn't meet the criteria specified (e.g. they failed to enter a value, or they entered a fake email address), they are returned to the original form with a ...
  3. codevro.php
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    codevro.php is a series of code validation algorithms ported to PHP. It can be used to check, format and get information about many types of code formats. Codevro.php is also available as a jQuery plugin as well. Requirements:- PHP 5.3 or Higher
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    Data Validator is a PHP library for data validation based on rules Supports following validation orders: sequence, all-at-once and mix of them (using dependencies model). It can embed different user-defined validation rules libraries (default built-in library is provided)
  5. Submission Script
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    Submission Script is a simple PHP contact form script, which comes packed with a data validation system that triggers errors when fields are not filled in properly. A demo is included with the download package. The default contact form contains a name, email and message fields. All labels are moved inline, as placeholders. A customizable success screen is also provided, ...
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    CSS3 Email Subscription is a email subscription box with CSS3 designed [no image used], email validation through JavaScript, store the email in text document through PHP and popup the subscription box using JQuery.
  7. ApPHP DataValidator Basic
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    ApPHP DataValidator Basic is a PHP script for validating web forms. It can be used to validate on the server side, data submitted via contact forms. Works by checking each field at a time, or all fields at once. If an error is detected, it is printed underneath the field that generated it. Features of ApPHP DataValidator Basic:Validate:- URL format- ...
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    Larrys Form Generation is a php script which can create HTML forms using jQuery for validation. It can generate HTML for different types of form elements like inputs, labels, form start and end sections. Meanwhile, the generated HTML includes JavaScript that can validate the form inputs either when the inputs are changed or the form is submitted. The validation can ...
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    This is PHP security system about video CAPTCHA system to protect web forms against spam bots.Instead of the classic image-generated CAPTCHAs, this system uses a video in which letters of different colors are scrolled around the screen. The user is then asked to type the letters of a certain color to authenticate himself. The download contains a PHP library to ...
  10. PSecureImage
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    PSecureImage is a PHP script to validating image files. It can be used in web upload forms for detecting XSS or LFI attacks. In Internet Explorer, the developer can successfully launch XSS attacks with malformed image files because of it's mime-type detection algorithm.Also the image files can contain some server-side payloads that can be used on exploiting of LFI vulnerabilities. ...
  11. Compare Validator
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    This PHP validation script can be used to compare two form inputs. It generates HTML and JavaScript code to compare the values of two form input fields.The generated code make an error message show within a given page element if the the input values are different.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
  12. Email Validator
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    This PHP Script is used to check DNS records of valid email addresses. It matches it against a generic e-mail regular expression to see if the entered string has the format of an email address. This free script can also check if the e-mail address domain DNS MX record exists. Domains that are in blacklists are not considered valid.Requirements:-PHP 5.0 ...
  13. PESEL validator
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    A PHP validation script is designed to check the format of Polish PESEL (ID) numbers. It can also extract the contained PESEL information elements like the person's gender and his birthday. PESEL "Universal Electronic System for Registration of the Population" numbers are a national identification number for Polish citizens.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
  14. Auto form
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    Auto form is a PHP script that can be used to generate HTML forms to manipulate MySQL table records.It can take a list of MySQL table fields and generate HTML for forms to select, insert, update, delete table records.The script can also perform given validations of specified fields and invoke given callback functions on certain form processing events.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 ...
  15. CF Captcha
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    CF Captcha is a Simple PHP Anti-Spam Captcha Script based on PHP/GD, to help prevent web robot from flooding your Comments, Guestbooks, Contact forms or any other online application susceptible to spam.One of the main Features of this script is that it alternates between a simple math problems (Additions, subtraction and multiplication sums) and a random spring of characters.Requrements:- PHP ...
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