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    Forms can be validated on the client side before they are submitted. It can also validate forms on the server side using the class' own PHP code.Currently Combo Validation supports several built- in validation types such as empty fields, e- mail address, URL, numeric value within optional range, length between a range, and others. The way errors are displayed after ...
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    The current date can be used or a different one can be set.
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    chkFiscalCode_it class you can validate italian VAT and fiscal codes.
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    Formitable is a PHP class used to ease the creation of submit-ready HTML forms from MySQL database tables. It analyzes the fields of a given table and outputs the best input type for each (e.g. enum type becomes radio buttons or select, set type becomes checkboxes or multiselect).Data is automatically inserted into the table upon form submission.Features of Formitable:- Output ...
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    Class to create, validate, and render html forms. Keep you seperate html syntax and php script.
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