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    HTTP client class uses sockets opened with either fscokopen or the cURL library, depending on which is available in the current PHP setup.Key Features of HTTP client class:- Supports to HTTP Basic authentication- Supports defining custom request headers- Supports defining connection timeout values- Supports defining user agent and referral URL- Supports both user-defined and persistent cookies- Supports secure connections (HTTPS)- ...
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    The operating system and the browser type are determined by parsing the user agent string. Client info also returns the file name of an icon associated to the detected browser and operating system.Requirements:PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Language test by IP and Browser can access to the hostip.info Web services API to determine the country of the network the user computer IP address belongs.In addition Language test by IP and Browser can read the Accept-language header of the HTTP request in order to determine the language used by the browser.Requirements:PHP 3.0 or higher
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    User Info can be used to retrieve information about the browser the user is using to access the current site script.User Info can analyze the user agent string sent by the browser in the current HTTP request and extracts the type of browser, user machine operating system, user machine IP address, accepted character set encoding, language name, and if the ...
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    Allows to find out the client's browser language settings and check for given locales in those settings.
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    Browser Info is meant to parse the HTTP user agent text string to extract details about the user browser type and version, the user operating system type and version.Browser Info can detect many types of browsers or crawling bots as well many types of operating systems.
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    Sniff Response 4b can be used to detect the user browser type and its category based on expected capabilities.Sniff Response 4b analyzes the user agent string and depending on the detected browser type it can assign to one of 4 groups: not OK, just OK, modern, and unknown. The browser name and version is also detected.Sniff Response 4b can help ...
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    MobileUserAgent parses user agent identifier strings from browsers used by mobile devices to extract relevant information. It recognizes many of the current mobile user agent identifier strings and processes them to extract their basic constituent parts, the most important being the mobile device vendor and model.An useful application of this class is to use the extracted information to lookup vendor ...
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    Gets the Browser type (Microsoft IE, Netscape) and the web-browser versionIE 5.0 or Netscape 4.7, 6.0.
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    Some web sites (like IMDb) prevent external scripts from parsing their contents by denying request without a user-agent string. Though this can be circumvented by manually sending the necessary headers, this is usually too complicated.This BrowserEmulator class with its methods fopen and file wraps the fsockopen calls and sends all the necessary headers before returning a file handle usable with ...
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