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    PHP Mobile Detect is a simple PHP script to analyze the HTTP user agent request header and determine the type of mobile device. Currently the most popular mobile devices platforms that use different systems and mobile browsers: Android, Blackberry, Opera Mini, Palm, Windows Mobile, and other generic systems could be distinguished by Mobile Detect easily.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Several details that identify the current user can be determined, such as the browser, operating system or the IP address. A hash that can be used to determine if the user is the same in subsequent accesses, can also be generated. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    DebugLive is a powerful PHP debug script, wchich can output script debugging information such as backtrace of the current point of the script that is executed including class names, function names and parameter values.The debug output can be conditionally displayed depending on whether the current user access fingerprint is authorized. The fingerprint is a string computed from the user computer ...
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    PH Pexplorer is a kind of file browser/explorer for Servers with PHP 4/5. Works with Opera 7+, Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 2 (Linux and Windows), Safari 1.3+. PH Pexlorer automatically detects the best available and suitable language for the client. At the moment this program is available in English and German at clientside. Depending on your server configuration you can ...
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    Request Info User Agent can parse the user agent identification sent by the browser or robot accessing the site and extract the browser type and other details. The script can determine if the client is a regular desktop browser, a search engine crawler, a mobile phone, as well as the operating system of the user. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    The browser name is extracted after parsing the user-agent string. Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    Advanced detecting user language checks the HTTP request User-Agent and Accept-Language headers to determine the user preferred idiom. PHP scripts can be loaded with locale text definitions for the preferred language. These locale definitions are returned as an associative array. Requirements:PHP 4 or higher
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    Browser Detection should be used to parse browser "user agent" string and determine exact browser version and operating system.Browser Detection recognize all popular browsers/os's as well as some not so popular. It returns the browsers name and its exact version number (ie. Firefox 1.0.7).
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    UserInfo.class can check the HTTP request variables to determine details like the IP address of the machine used by the user access the Web server, the type of browser and operating system being used, etc..Individual class variables are used to store the retrieved information in UserInfo.class.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    LSM Browser Type is a simple class that can parse the user agent string and identify the browser and the operating system used on the user machine.
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    BrowserDetection analyzes the user agent string sent by the browser and parses it to determine: the type of browser, the user operating system, the version, release and build.BrowserDetection may also compare the browser version against a range of accepted versions, as well if the browser is expected to support page element opacity attribute and transparent PNG images. It can also ...
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    counter.php tracks the number of visits and user agents used. Easy to use, just fit for new phper i think. Are you a new phper?
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    Navigator Detector is a simple class that can be used to detect the type of browser that the user is using to access the current script site. It checks the HTTP request User-Agent header to determine the type of browser.Currently Navigator Detector can distinguish whether the browser is the Microsoft Internet, Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox and Opera.
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    The IP address and browser user agent are extracted from the HTTP request variables in order to determine specific information.Key Features of User Info & GeoIP:- Browser name- User Operating System- Determine the user country using a GeoIP database stored in a MySQL database- Search terms and search engine when the user came from search engine pages- Get User Language- ...
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    PHP 5 Interface Browser can be used to present quick reference pages to browse the available classes. It browses all the directories in the current include path to extract the list of available classes.A page is generated with a menu of links to pages that display the contents of all the available class source files. The presentation details can be ...
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