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    Easily setup a links directory. One page installer, supports unlimited layers of topics and sub-topics, friendly URLs, full text search, skinning and templates, super fast editing via AJAX for admins, user submissions and RSS feeds.
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    Site Moved Script will help you out if you have changed the url of your site. It will redirect visitors to the same page on your new url. For example lets say that your old site was at http://example.com/food and you moved your site to http://example.com/goodfo od.A visitor now goes to example.com/food/page.htm l they will be taken to a page ...
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    Viewfinder Send to a Friend Script is a simple drop-in PHP file that will allow you to add a Send to a Friend link to any page of your site (so it can be page specific if you wish).Viewfinder Send to a Friend Script will allow someone to send the link to your page, with comments, their name and email ...
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    Shorten Urls with this easy to use script. Simple upload and you are ready to go. SourceCrave Url Shortener Script is a script similar to tinyurl except its unique it its own way.
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    URL CSS Parser can be used to retrieve and display the CSS files used by a given page. It retrieve a page with a given URL and extracts the list of CSS files that it uses.URL CSS Parser can display the CSS files as a list of links pointing to the CSS documents used by the given page.
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    SPagin can be used to generate navigation HTML links for pagination of arbitrary listings split in multiple pages. It takes as parameters the limit number entries to display per page, total number of entries in the whole listing and the number of the current page.SPagin generates links using a base URL to go to the first page, last page, and ...
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    cParseurl is a very simple class that wraps around the parse_url PHP function.cParseurl can parse an URL and store the URL parts in class variables for the URL scheme, host, domain, top level domain, port, user, password and query arguments.If the URL scheme is missing, it assumes it is http .
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    Most browsers usually send the URL of a page the user accessed before and clicked on a link or submited a form that lead to the current page. That information is usually passed to PHP scripts in HTTP_REFERER environment variable.CReferrer is meant to parse the HTTP referer URL of the page that lead the user to the current page and ...
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    Mrasnika's URL validator is meant to validates HTTP and FTP URLs. Mrasnika's URL validator can also parse the URLs and extract their component parts:- Protocol- User and password- Domains and sub-domain- TLD (top level domain)- Port- Path- QueryComposite parts:- Domain_name (domain tld)- Host (sub_domain(s) domain tld)- Sub-domains array- Path array
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    URL TS is a simple class that can be used to check whether a page with a given URL exists. The class establishes a connection to the server of the given URL and sends an HTTP HEAD request.If successful the class can determine whether it returns the HTTP response code. The code 200 means the page exists. The code of ...
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    PathParser is capable of parsing absolute or relative URLs or file paths and can compute the relative path to go from a given path to another. It resolves relative references as /./ or /../, and eliminates consecutive / characters in the input path.PathParser is an alternative to PHP realpath() function, with two basic differences: it works with real and virtual ...
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    Text Encrypter is meant to encode data as text so it can be passed between page scripts for instance in the URL of links.Text Encrypter uses salt data to be able to detect whether the data has been altered eventually by malicious users during the passages of the data.
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    Active URL is meant for manipulating URLs and anchor tags in HTML code and text strings.Functions of Active URL:- Process text strings to detect HTTP, HTTPS and FTP URLs and convert them into HTML links- Remove any links from HTML code- Validate text strings to determine whether they contain valid URLs- Append additional parameters to URLs of links in HTML ...
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    TOTAL URLEncrypt is a simple library to allow the total or 90% encryption of a URL not like the urlencode and rawurlencode which can become rather problematic at times.
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    URL Encoder is used to encode data being passed between two sources that can be either two pages via URL arguments or by any other data storage media like databases, files or sessions variables. It works by taking an array of variables and their values and encode it using a private key only known by the server scripts to create ...
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