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  1. PHP URL Shortener
    483 total visits
    This is a PHP URL shortening service. This script the service's domain, adds a "/" and then a starts counting the shorten links. Installation instructions are provided inside the project's README file.Features of PHP URL Shortener:- Can shorten over 42 billion unique URLs in 6 or less characters (it can do more than 12,000,000 in only 4!)- Super duper fast—uses ...
  2. URL Expander
    129 total visits
    This is a PHP script to expand short URLs. It does not query an API via JavaScript, but instead it uses PHP to get the link's orginal headers. A working demo is included with the download package.
  3. URLmnch
    94 total visits
    This is a simple, fast and very efficient URL shortening script written in PHP with MySQL support. This is some of the source code that powers the URL shortening service URLmnch.
  4. shortUrl
    182 total visits
    This is a PHP script designed to shorten URLs, the php web service script takes a long URL and shrinks it to a smaller more retweetable size. Features of shortUrl:Supported services:- tr.im- is.gd- tinyurl.com- bit.ly- u.nu- digg.com
  5. Google URL Shortener
    263 total visits
    Google URL Shortener is a PHP script for shortening long URLs using Google's goo.gl service. This script taps into the Goo.gl API and shrinks long URLs into a smaller string. The user can create, inspect, or manage goo.gl short URLs from his desktop, mobile, or web application via trivial HTTP requests.
  6. URI Reputation
    409 total visits
    This is a PHP script that can check if an IP address is in a DNS blacklist. It uses services like SURLB.ORG, URIBL.COM and SPAMHAUS.ORG's DBL.At its core, the script takes the URL as parameter, extracts the domain, resolves its IP address and send a request to a blacklist DNS server to check if the address is present in its ...
  7. 301tools - URL Redirection Web Application
    238 total visits
    301tool is a URL Redirection Web Application that is designed to shorten long and unwieldy URLs into smaller, more meaningful URLs. It is a free PHP redirection script. The appliaction also provides similar functionality to online services such as TinyURL or shotURL, but can be used with and hosted on your own domain.Features of 301tool:- Easy to install- Easy to ...
  8. Ming Validation Script
    165 total visits
    This is a free and Open Source PHP validation script can be used to validate several types of values. It can take a text string and can validate it as an email addresses, IP address, a date or an URL. Requirements:- PHP 4.0 or Higher
  9. Proof Loaded Files
    141 total visits
    Proof Loaded Files is a PHP script can track and verify if pages files were loaded. It can generate URLs that for links and other page elemements for serving files dynamically.The script can keep track of linked and downloaded files using session variables, so it can verify if the user browser has really loaded the linked files.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or ...
  10. URL rewrite
    199 total visits
    This is a PHP script to map URLs based on regular expression rules. It can take rules that define how to extract parameters from URLs. Then it can reassemble a new URL from the extracted parameters.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
  11. Mentions
    138 total visits
    This PHP script can be used to highlight names mentioned in a text as links.It can search for @ character in a given text and check the names that follow that character.The script can highlight the following names that make part of a given list of previously registered names by turning them into links. The prefix of the URL of ...
  12. SWF Insert
    391 total visits
    This PHP script that allows to insert swf file or movie flash into web page. It generates HTML for embedding a Flash movie with a given URL, width and height.In case Flash support is disabled in the user browser, a given image can be displayed instead of the movie.Requirements:- PHP 3.0 or Higher
  13. Goo.gl short URL
    354 total visits
    A PHP Script designed to shorten or expand URLs with the goo.gl URL shortening web service from Google. It uses an HTTP request to Google goo.gl URL shortener web services API to reuquest a short URL for a given link. It can also send a request to expand a given shortened URL with the same Google goo.gl service.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 ...
  14. domainr-php
    113 total visits
    This is a simple PHP client library for the Domai.nr API. It can query, send and retrieve data from the Domai.nr service through JSON calls.Domai.nr is a service to find domain names and short URLs.
  15. URL Normalizer
    159 total visits
    This is a PHP script to normalize URLs according to RFC 3986.It can take a given URL and may fix it to perform syntax based normalization.Furthermore, URL Normalizer may lower the case hexadecimal codes of encoded characters, decode characters which are not reserved, removed unnecessary relative path segments, and lower case of the URL scheme and host name.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 ...
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