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    With URL class you can get information about URL's.You can get the following informations in URL class:- Host- Path- Statuscode (eg. 404,200, ...)- HTTP Version- Server- Content Type- Date- The whole header string of the URLURL class is very useful for dynamic written link library pages!
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    URLclass allows you store absolute or relative URLs and access the various parts (scheme, host, port, part, query, fragment). It will also accept and attempt to resolve a relative URL against an absolute URL already stored.
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    URLHelper gives you access to the http header information and provides some help for retrieving and parsing urls.FUNCTIONS of URLHelper:function isURLAvailable($url)function isValidURLFormat($url, $strict=false)function addHTTPtoURL($url)function getHTTPStatusCode($url)function getRealURL ($url, $simple = true, $method = "HEAD")function getHTTPHeader($url)function getMD5FromURL($url, $estFilesize=500000)function _openHTTPConnection($url, $method = "HEAD")
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    Statizier provides you a simple way to hide dinamic sites to web spiders so they can index it. Almost all web-spiders (like Google) can not index dinamic sites due to the parameters present on almost all links in the site.Statizier, along with a simple modification onto your Apache configuration file, allows you to hide all the parameters and dinamic links ...
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    Link Extractor is meant to extracts links from an HTML string, a file or a Web page of a given URL.As a result it creates an array with the URLs of all the links found. It is compatible with PHP 4.0.5 or better, including PHP 5.
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    Gonx URLs is meant to generate URLs for accessing application dynamically generated pages based on parameters passed in the URL.The class can optionally generate URLs in the common dynamic page format (http://www.mycompany.com/index?go=home&page;=1) or URLs in a format optimized for not preventing search engine crawling (http://www.mycompany.com/index/home/1/).In the later case, Gonx URLs can also generate scripts that will process requests of pages ...
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    PHP Babelfish can translate text between idioms using Altavista Babelfish translation services. It can translate plain text or text with HTML excerpts.PHP Babelfish allows for large amounts of text to be translated because it uses the URL translate function of Babelfish, rather than submitting the form with the text to be translated.
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    Clean URL is a class that implements a method to make URLs more user and search engine friendly by removing '?' and '=' symbols from URL.This class is meant to be used in conjunction with URL rewriting Web server modules that map the cleaned URLs generated by this class into common URLs with query parameters.
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    SubmitForce is a HTTP based URL submission class.It can submit URLs of pages that you want to be listed by search engine sites using GET or POST methods of form submission.New engines can be added to the engines.dat configuration file.
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    Want to know what websites are located in your neighborhood? GeoURL Site Lookup, a phpnuke block that allows makes use of the new GeoURL.org service to display the closest sites to you, geographically speaking.
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    If you have ever used a redirecting service, you know that the redirect, regardless of the typed in URL, always goes to the hardcoded URL, unless you yourself handle the redirecting. Especially when the redirection is done in a frame. Any attempt to use JavaScript to fix this problem fails usually due to browser security issues. By including this code ...
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    Free PHP Ad Blocker Checker will check if ads are being blocked by firefox users. Free PHP Ad Blocker Checker Features:- Check if ads are being blocked by firefox users.- Checks the 5 subscriptions: EasyList, Filter von Dr.Evil, Cedrics Liste, Liste FR and Corset.- Simple pages, load time of less than 0.9 second.- Works with other ad blocking software as ...
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