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    Take a file from your pc and upload it to the default directory, or a chosen directory. Bohemian File Uploader can upload image files like jpg, gif and png and can also upload documents like pdf, txt and zip files. Displays all files which are uploaded to the default directory. No coding skills required.
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    Amazon s3 supports direct upload from browser without need of your web server to copy file over S3. This gives large benefit in saving bandwidth and eliminates upload restrictions imposed by your hosting providers esp "shared hosting". But one disadvantage is S3 does not provide any capability of server side processing to handle upload progress,failure cases etc..if you are using ...
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    Silentum Uploader allows visitors to upload files to your site quickly and efficiently, without the use of MySQL. It uses only two PHP files, and can be set up in a matter of minutes. Some of its features include admin-set file extensions and a maximum byte limit for files. It also displays the date and time each file was uploaded, ...
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    It is a universal mobile uploader app designed to be easily integrated with any website. Meanwhile, a bridge between photos and videos on a mobile device and your website opened by a user in a mobile browser. Both iOS and Android version is available.
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    Tiny dropbox is a PHP script for sharing files. It allows an admin to upload files, add a description and share them with his friends or clients. It comes complete with a Flash uploader (supporting multiple file uploads) or a classic single file uploader for older browsers or in cases the Flash uploader does not work. The script does not ...
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