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    Upload File can check whether an uploaded file is of one of the allowed types and does not exceed the file size limit. The validated uploads can be moved to specified directories and file permissions can be set automatically. Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    EasyGallery scans a folder on your webspace for images and displays them in a web-gallery. Thumbnails are created automatically, so everything you have to do is upload your files.
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    EncapsGallery is skinnable image gallery (multipurpose catalogue), easy to install and run, doesn't require PHP or MySQL skills. Key Features of EncapsGallery: - create unlimited categories;- upload unlimited media files (images,swf,mov);- http/ftp image upload;- database installer/deinstaller;- web-admin (back-end);- optional PayPal integration;- automatic/static thumbnails;- HTML skins;- Live online demo is available.
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    TotalW is a two panel file manager written in PHP. It is ajaxed. TotalW can download file from internet or upload file from your computer. You can mail files on remote server or download them to computer. It can zip files(.tar.gz) or unzip them. TotalW can also view or edit files. It has favorite folders(bookmarks), customisable view (name, size, time, ...
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    nfFTP uses the FTP extension to access a FTP server with a specified username and perform several types of operations. Currently nfFTP can change to a given directory, create a new directory, remove a directory recursively, get a directory file list, upload and download one or more files, delete files, rename files, get file information, etc. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or ...
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    There is one class for handling one or more uploaded files that can copy the files to a given directory if they do not exist. Easy upload resize thumb image can also call another class to generate thumbnails out of uploaded images. Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Uploaded File can validate an uploaded file by checking if its size is at least a given minimum value. The uploaded files can also be moved to a specified directory. There is also a subclass that checks the MIME type of the uploaded files to verify if it is an image. Requirements: PHP 3.2 or higher
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    There is one class that can process files uploaded using Web forms. PHP Simple Upload can accept uploaded files that have a MIME type from a given list. The uploaded files are copied to a given destination directory. PHP Simple Upload serves the files for download and the request content-type is set based on the file extension. Requirements: PHP 3.0 ...
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    Upload and list files can display an HTML form with fields to upload a file. It can also process a form with an uploaded file by checking if the file if of one of the allowed file MIME types name extensions, and moving the file to a given directory if does not exist already. A destination directory with necessary permissions ...
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    FtpUpload can list a given local directory and returns the list in an array. File from a local list can also be uploaded to a FTP server. Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    GarageTV Class is a handy and simple way of uploading short films and sharing them with friends. GarageTV Class is well documented with PHPDoc.
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    The PHP FTP extension is used to connect to a specified server and authenticate on behalf of a given user. myFTP can execute several types of operations to manipulate files and directories. Key Features of myFTP:- Get or change the current server work directory- List the contents of the current directory- Create or delete directories- Upload, download and rename files ...
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    webadmin.php is a simple Web-based file manager that is useful for applying changes to a Web account quickly and without FTP access. webadmin.php can show, create, delete, and move files and directories, copy, edit and upload files, help to manage htaccess and htpasswd, and change permissions of files and folders. webadmin.php only consists of one file, and has multi-language support.
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    An image upload site with search, scripted in php with a mysql database to store image results for searching as well as the ip of the person who uploaded the picture.Comes with 4 files, set your information in config.php and the sql script to make the database can be found commented at the top of config.php as well.
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    Images in GIF, JPEG or PNG formats can be loaded from server files or uploaded through Web forms.Nweb Image can perform several operations on the images like: cropping, resizing, composing a new image from two images, write text on the image, convert the image colors to grey scale, adjust the brightness or contrast, invert the colors, and colorize.The processed image ...
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