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    AJAX upload progress meter for PHP renders out a file input box with javascript tied to it for a status bar, then checks if a file has been submited or useful if your uploading to the same page that is generating output. This script can also output html to the hidden iframe that will update the final status of the ...
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    UploadFile can process uploaded image files, there is a base class that can handle uploaded files of any type by first copying or moving them. There is also a sub-class which provides an additional functionality to validate uploaded image files by verifying the file name extension and checking the image dimensions. Requirements:- PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Image Upload Component can be used to resize and process uploaded image files. It can check an uploaded file whether it has the accepted image file name extensions. This script can generate an image thumbnail, by resizing the big image, and move the file to a new directory. Requirements:- PHP 5.3 or higher
  4. phpTub
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    This class can be used to upload and download video files from YouTube.It can login in YouTube on behalf of a given registered user and upload and download video files.Downloading takes as parameters the identifier of the video to download and the name of the file to which the downloaded video will be stored.Uploading takes as parameters the name of ...
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    This class can be used to manage and get information from YouTube videos. It can send HTTP requests to the YouTube Web services API to perform several types of operations. Currently it can create play lists, add or remove videos from a play list, get play lists and their video thumbnails, upload videos, get the uploaded videos and get videos ...
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    It uses the PHP FTP extension to establish a connection to a given server on behalf of a given user using his password. Files can be uploaded with names different from their original ones, to a specified directory on the server. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    It is able to verify the size of the uploaded files. The files are moved to a given destination directory if they do not exceed a given size limit. Requirements: PHP
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    Several types of operations can be performed on an array of data of an uploaded file. Here are some key features of "Simple Upload":· Check whether there were any upload error and whether the file is a valid upload· Clean the file name from non alphanumeric characters· Generate random unique names for the uploaded file· Copy or move the file ...
  9. AJAX File Uploader
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    This script can be used to browse files uploaded via Web forms using AJAX methods to send the files without reloading the form page.There is auxiliary Javascript code that can upload in the background a file that the users chooses in a Web page form and updates the upload message status in the page.A server side auxiliary script gets the ...
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    This package can be used to process and resize uploaded image files. There is one class for handling upload file. Class can upload one or more images that can copy the files to a given directory if they do not exist. And Image resizing class generate thumbnails of a given size. you don't need to take care.
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    Getting tired of downloading, editing and uploading your website every time you add or remove a new link. Give LinkEX a try!LinkEX - Free Link EXchange manager by linkex.dk is free, takes 2 minutes to install, and runs from the browser. No need to use your FTP program any more. It will also verify that the link partner actually has ...
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    This is a PHP class to process uploaded files. It can also verify if a file was uploaded without errors, if its size is within the accepted limit, if the file name extension is in the list of accepted extensions, and if the destination directory exists on the server.The class can copy a valid uploaded file to the destination directory.If ...
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    This is an easy form processing script that can be used for all your web forms as long as PHP 4.2.0 in running on the server where easiForm is located.The config file allows for many options on customisation but can be set up simply by adding the e-mail address and thanks page address to the config file then naming your ...
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    Sometimes when you're working on some projects you have this feeling you're re-inventing the wheel. This is a waist of time and effort. So when I had to re-invent the wheel on uploading files with PHP, I decided to create a class Simple FileUploader who can do that. Features:- Generate uniq file names- Allow extensions- Exclude extensions- Error messages
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    XUpload & myDIR were combined to produce the following hybrid app which allows you to upload a file to a specified directory and then view the contents of that directory. I also extended both of these applications to allow for the option of adding file information to a MySQL database.
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