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    QTOFileManager is a Web based file manager written in PHP. Features of QTOFileManager: - Easy installation - Just drop the file in the base directory, - Just one script file, - Upload and delete files, - Authenticate the user (optional), - Edit a file (optional), - Specify which file extensions can be edited,- Add and remove directories (optional), - Specify ...
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    Upload and delete files from the directory the program is in and any sub directories. It can optionally authenticate the user. XQTO File Manager allows you to edit a file. Specify which file extensions can be edited. Add and remove directories.
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    Beyond a firewall or proxy blocking FTP access? This product is for you! MyWebFTP Personal is a web based FTP PHP script designed for a webmaster. Does NOT require the PHP built-in FTP support (which is not activated on many hosts).With MyWebFTP Pro, you easily manage your files with comfortable file listing split in pages with sorting, edit your files ...
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    Beyond a firewall or proxy blocking FTP access? This product is for you! It provides FTP client interface in your browser. Install it on a remote server and easily connect to your FTP servers through a firewall or a proxy not allowing FTP connections. No PHP built-in FTP support is required. Perform actions on many files at once. Password protected ...
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    Upload Operations can be used to validate and process files uploaded via Web forms.Upload Operations can check if a file with a given form field name was uploaded and if its size it its within the specified file size limit. It may also check if the file MIME type is one of those listed in the allowed file types class ...
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    Upload your CVS converted MS Excel or Text files to your Mysql database very easily with this simple little script. You can use it independently or integrate into your existing script.Free to download for non commercial use. Visit our site for more FREE stuff.
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    PHP Base can be used to submit data files to the Google Base service. It can validate the data before it is uploaded to the Google Base via FTP.PHP Base can be extended with plugin for defining attributes and supporting multiple schemes. Currently only the Housing scheme is supported.
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    fileUp can be used to manage images uploaded using Web forms. It can copy the uploaded files to a given directory.First it checks whether the destination directory exists and whether the destination file does not yet exist. Otherwise, the class returns an error and does not process the uploaded file.
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    XUpload classes lets you manage your file uploads very quickly and easily. View the use example in the bottom of the script. Also included a XUploadForm class for upload forms management too.Features of XUpload classes:- Multiple uploads easily with multiple instances- Lets you choose the upload dir (does not check perms)- Lets you overwrite file if exists- Lets you set ...
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    Snap IT will help to put image and flash(.swf) on your page, so you can make a content updater that enable you to upload image or flash file and display them properly.
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    bib_uploadfile can be used to process files uploaded via Web forms.The class can move the uploaded files to another directory, eventually with a new file name. If the other directory does not exist, the class may create it.If the uploaded files are actually image files, the class may also resize them to a given new image size.
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    File upload php class is meant for handling files uploaded via Web forms. It includes a function for storing the files with encoded names with two options: md5 and latin.Additional methods also are included in a class to resize file images or output listings of the uploaded files in the destination storage directory.
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    Upload Class is meant to assist in the management of files uploaded via Web forms.It provides means to copy the uploaded files a separate folder. If the files are images in the GIF, PNG or JPEG format, it may also generate thumbnails by rescaling the uploaded images.Abasic upload script.. You can also resize the uploaded image and create thumbnails with ...
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    upload.inc.php is a class for managing files uploaded via Web forms. Given the form file field name, it can determine if the file upload was performed correctely and does not exceed a given size limit.If everything is correect, the class can move the uploaded file in a given destination directory. upload.inc.php may also check whether the destination directory has sufficient ...
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    FSGuide is a two-panel file management tool that helps performing advanced file operations through the web.Features of FSGuide - commander of the web: user authentication, access control lists, 2-panel layout, bookmarks, filelist, file uploader (and run any application after upload!),mass-rename tool, download with bandwidth-controll option, advanced select and compare dialog, file editors for text and binary files, file viewers (highlighting ...
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