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  1. Mail On Update
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    Mail On Update is a WordPress plugin to check for plugin updates and send the latest news through an email to the admin. It uses the native build-in update function to periodically check for newer versions of the plugins at the WordPress plugin central. Installation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.- Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu ...
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    File Picker can display the list of files and directories available in a given server side directory, so that the user can pick one or more files from that directory or sub-directories.AJAX is being used to update and display the pages without reloading them. The user interface can be presented in several different languages.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    class.wwwcheckup.php allows you to keep track of when websites were last updated. It will not tell you what the changes are, but just let you know that it has been changed in some way.You can display the results of hte changes, or all websites listed, in a table which shows when they were last checked and when they were last ...
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    Have you ever used Microsoft word to create a document? No doubt its very easy to use and extremely user friendly. Our easy website editor has been based on Microsoft word document technology which ensures that you can easily with a click of a mouse can make any type of changes to your website just like you do it to ...
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    3SS Sync File can be used to create or update local copies of files taken from a remote server. It checks whether the local copy of a file already exists. If it does not exist, the file is copied from the remote server.If the local copy already exists, it compares the remote file and local copy contents. If the contents ...
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    The purpose of this class is to help in the updating of data stored in database tables. Tablemaint has functions to add, modify, delete and search for data in the database table rows.
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    FileSyncDB can be used to manage MySQL database table records synchronized to files stored in disk. It can insert, updated and delete records of a database table with fields that contain the names of associated files.When a record is inserted or updated the associated files are copied to the disk using the given file names. When a record is deleted, ...
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