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    SimpleDiff is various libraries for providing a simple diff tool. Of course, all libraries are inspired by the UNIX diff tool. In practice, they can be used to analyze two pieces of text and show the differences between them. Comes in versions for CoffeeScript, JavaScript, PHP and Python.
  2. FileGrep
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    This PHP script wraps the Linux/UNIX grep command for performing file searches. It can be used to locate files on an *NIX filesystem.The code is very well commented and provides all the details needed to understand how the script works and how it needs to be used.
  3. IMDB Parser Script
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    This PHP script is a parser for IMDB movie/serie/documental/videogame/episode names, ratings and aka titles. It can access a public FTP server to fetch files of movie data from the IMDB site, parse the files and return the parsed data. Unix/Linux like system or any other that has the wiget and gzip commands available are required by this PHP web service ...
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    Multi Threaded Daemon provides several robustness improvements over the original Multithreaded Daemon class, adds support for handling signals and an unique PID file to avoid multiple instances. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    unixDate can take a given date and format it calling the UNIX shell date command. Parameters can be passed to the date command in order to add or subtract periods of time, such as years, months, day, hours, minutes and seconds.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    The command emulates UNIX "tail -f" command for cgi php.
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    A specified number of days, months and years can be added to the current date.The resulting date can be returned as an associative array with entries for the date with a given format, as Unix timestamp, and also separating the year, month and day components.
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    Directory list class was specifically written for UNIX file systems, but it can be modified to work in DOS too.
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    The information is retrieved from /proc/stat and the user and system mode loads, CPU load percentage and idle load percentage can be returned.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    The current process can be forked and child process identifiers can be stored in a pid file. The forked process enters an infinite loop executing its job until it receives a termination signal.The base class is not useful by itself. It needs to be derived to implement daemon job as a function of the sub-class.
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    Multi Threaded Daemon can start a given number of parallel threads that execute code defined by functions of implementation sub-classes.The execution of code in critical sections can be managed by using locks in order to assure that only one thread executes the code at a time.Multi Threaded Daemon also manages the access to variables that are shared by threads running ...
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    Can't get a shell account at your webhost? Want to be able to use normal Unix commands to maintain or clean up your directories, create backups, install software and debug scripts? Easy to install, set up and use. Multiple security features include password protection, valid referrer URL list, hidden directories, configurable file names. This script can be used for moving ...
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    Kill Duplicate process is a very simple class that can determine whether a given script runs on a Linux/Unix system. It can check whether a script with a given file name. If found, the class kills the current process.
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    clsDaemonize is intended to automate the creation of system daemons proceses under Unix like operating systems or those with POSIX compliant API like Linux, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Solaris, Mac OS X, etc... It can fork a new process using the PHP pcntl extension and detach from the starting shell so it can exit without killing the daemon process.clsDaemonize can maintain a ...
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    viewman is a simple PHP script that displays unix manpages via PHP.
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