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    Portable UTF-8 is a library that enables Unicode support in PHP applications. It is written in PHP and does not need mbstring, iconv, UTF-8 enabled PCRE or any other library. The benefit of Portable UTf-8 is that you can bundle it with your applications and it needs no external support.
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    This class can be used to sort arrays with text encoded using Unicode. It can take an array of string and sort it considering that the characters are encoding using UTF-8. The class can either sort regular arrays of strings or associative arrays on which the array keys may be also associative. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or Higher
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    Unicode to Arabic takes a string with groups of characters represented as 4 hexadecimal digits to the corresponding HTML character entities. The Unicode to Arabic may also check if the hexadecimal codes are within the range of text characters used in Arabic.HTML character entities may also be decoded and converted to UTF-8.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    The Arabic characters in a string with can be extracted and converted to the respective representation of their codes in UTF8 to UCS convertor.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    The Funny Turnaround Class converts the characters of a text string to HTML entities representing Unicode characters that will appear as if rotated 180 degrees. Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    Several operations, that involve UTF-8, UTF-16 or UTF-32 encoded text strings, can be performed. Key Features of Unicode Manipulation:- Get the text sequence for byte order mark for little and big endian- Convert a given character code to Unicode encoded text and vice-versa- Get the byte length of a given Unicode encoded character- Convert text encoding between UTF-8, UTF-16 and ...
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    ArIdentifier analyzes a text that uses Unicode and locates the segments that use characters that belong the Arabic character set. The positions of the Arabic text segments can be returned as an array.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Strings in any charset can be converted.
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    UTF-8 is used to encode Unicode characters of the month and day names in Farsi.
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    XML Writer class can also customize the DTD and style sheet tags.Key Features of XML Writer class:- Definition of tags and data sections.- Support input and output iso-8859-1 and utf-8 (Unicode) encodings.
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    A character has to be in both character sets, otherwise it will return an error.This is a list of character sets you can operate with:WINDOWSwindows-1250 - Central Europewindows-1251 - Cyrillicwindows-1252 - Latin Iwindows-1253 - Greekwindows-1254 - Turkishwindows-1255 - Hebrewwindows-1256 - Arabicwindows-1257 - Balticwindows-1258 - Viet Namcp874 - Thai - this file is also for DOSDOScp437 - Latin UScp737 - Greekcp775 ...
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    convertor converts encodings using iconv extension. You can use it with streamed data (XML).To be honest, this is quite complex. If you need just general character set conversion, not streams, take a look at iconv or recode itself.The former version 1.1 does not depend on iconv and conversion is based on the hard coded conv tables. It supports unicode entities ...
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    ArGlyphs can be used to convert Arabic text to Unicode for rendering purposes. It takes as input Arabic text encoded using Windows-1256 character set and performs Arabic glyph joining to output a string encoded using UTF-8.The output string is no longer logically arranged, but laid out in a visual order to be read properly when formatted with a simple Unicode ...
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    Text Cat can be used to guess the language of a given text. The class reads data files that contain ranking information about characters that are most likely to be found in texts of several languages.The text being analyzed is converted to Unicode to be compared with the language character ranking data.The class returns an array of the language sorted ...
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    ISCII Unicode Manager can be used to convert ISCII (Hindi) characters to Unicode (UTF-8) and vice-versa.ISCII (Indian Script Code for Information Interchange) is a coding scheme for representing various Indian scripts, as well as a Latin-based script with diacritic marks used to depict Romanized Indian languages.
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