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    This PHP script reverse engineers your PHP5 code and generates UML script diagrams via the yuml.me service. Since it is a Command Line Script, it could be easily used in continuous integration tools to generate an automatic documentation. Features of php2yuml:UML:- Classes- Interfaces- Property Visibily- Method Visibility- Generalization, Specification- Dependencies.YUML OPTIONS:- Size- Direction
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    BoUML File Parser is a PHP script that intends to extract information from UML artifact files. UML projects generated by BoUML project can be processed and information from the defined artifacts can be extracted with this script. Currently, This PHP script can only extract the packages, components and use cases.Requirements:- PHP 5.3 or higher
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    There are few programs on Linux to convert UML diagrams into SQL instructions. This php class reads a DIA diagram and generate the correspondent SQL instructions to create DataBase.
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    UML 2 Classes is an application that can be used to generate the code of classes from UML diagrams exported to files in OMG (Object Management Group) XMI standard format by CASE tools like Rational Rose, Umbrello, Poseidon, MagicDraw UML, ArgoUML, Oracle JDeveloper, etc..This application opens a GUI using PHP-Gtk from which the user can specify a XMI file with ...
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