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    SAMP Socket establishes an UDP connection a game server with a given IP address and queries the server about information of the same multi-player server.SAMP Socket retrieves the game server host name, the game mode, map name, whether it requires password access, the current and the maximum number of players, the players nick names and their scores.The game server information ...
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    Valve RCON can establish a TCP or UDP connection to a game server that supports the Source RCON protocol and authenticate as an authorized user.Commands can be sent to remote servers in order to control the games. Valve RCON is an updated version of the original class by the same author to use PHP 5 features and also support UDP ...
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    gDNS establishes an UDP connection to a given DNS server and performs a query to retrieve DNS records of a given type. It supports querying most types of DNS records.An array is used to return the results. gDNS supports domain name server request redirection and works in all platforms and PHP versions that support UDP socket connections.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or ...
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    DNServer listens to DNS UDP port 53 in order to handle domain name resolution requests.DNServer decodes the DNS request, invokes a configurable callback function that takes the DNS query type and the domain to resolve and returns response IP address.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Client and Server Socket can be use to implement generic TCP/IP clients and servers. It can create client and server sockets for connections using TCP and UDP protocols under IPv4, IPv6 and UNIX domain.The client class can establish connections to a given address and port, send and retrieve data. The server class can accept connections to a given local port.There ...
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