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    Signal and slot design patterns have been used in this PHP script to trigger and process events. SigSlots uses several classes to manage and process events. Applications can register object that trigger evenr occurrences by emitting signals of a given types. The objects interested in handling events of may register slots.Once an event is triggered, the manager class may process ...
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    Cron Tab Eval can be used to check whether is time to run a periodical task scheduled with a crontab-like task periodic event definition. It takes a string that defines the minute, hour, day and month of when a periodic event should be triggered.Cron Tab Eval compares the event scheduling definition with the current or a specific timestamp and determines ...
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    Event can be used to register event handlers and trigger the execution of actions when an event occurs.There are several classes that take care about registering objects that process events, trigger the execution of actions when an event is triggered, retrieving detailed information about the events.Requirements: PHP 5.1
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