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    KoolTreeView is an Excellent Treeview control for PHP, combining Highly-Efficient rendering and AJAX Loading On-Demand support for Superior Performance. Some of Highlighted Geatures of KoolTreeView - Great PHP TreeView with Ajax Capability: - Rendering Thousand tree nodes in a second. - Very simple PHP interface. - Rich Client-side API. - Search-Engine Friendly. - Drag and Drop Behavior. - Edit Node ...
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    PhpTliste is an open source script that generates a treeview of the files in php.This component is a set of two classes: PHP tliste the base class and rd_l which represents an element of the list. It is relatively easy to use and easily adaptable.
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    Class Treeview can be used to display a collapsible tree of documents. It generates HTML with Javascript to display a tree of folders and sub-folders with links to the documents.The document links trigger the execution of Javascript code, so Class Treeview can be used to execute other actions besides opening new document pages.Requirements: PHP 5.0
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    AJAX Treeview can be used to generate and update a hierarchical tree of elements from MySQL database content.A HTML page with some Javascript performs an AJAX request to obtain the list of elements of the tree from a MySQL database query.The tree of elements is returned to the browser in JSON format.
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