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  1. Parent child tree with unlimited levels
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    This PHP Script is created to populate a tree/list of items based on the parent child relationships among them with unlimited level of hierarchy. It can be used to retrieve child elements from MySQL parent records. It queries a MySQL table with records of items that have parant records, and then returns all children items of a given parent record.Requirements:-PHP ...
  2. Code Graph
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    This PHP script is mainly used to generate call graphs of PHP code with GraphViz. It can generate diagrams in the GraphViz DOT format from a list of called or uncalled functions.Functions can also parse PHP scripts to extract the list of functions in the code to generate the call tree graph.Requirements:- PHP 4 or Higher
  3. No Screenshot
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    PHP Tree Structure stored in MySQL database is a php script to store and manipulate tree structure in a mysql database, is a free PHP code generator.An example of a typical uses for this would be a web directory. Its important to note that the script and the table are meant only to model-generator, the relationships between nodes in a ...
  4. No Screenshot
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    Class for manipulating data structured in a hierarchical tree that is stored in a database.php_tree supplies raw functions to display, inject, retrieve and delete information from MySQL database that holds the flat tree information with ident, parent, haschild table-rows.
  5. No Screenshot
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    There are many types of data structures defined by the pioneer programmers in the past the direct interface to them datastructures have been an imperative but today datastructure have been taken for granted. From the most basic stacks and queues to the more advanced link list and binary trees. each plays an important role in the life of a computer. ...
  6. No Screenshot
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    MPTTA for PHP and MySQL is a script can manage hierarchic trees of information stored in a MySQL database. It can add, move or delete branches inside a database tree created using the Modified Preorder Tree Traversal Algorithm described by Joe Celko in the DBMS Magazine in 1996. MPTTA for PHP and MySQL can run using PHP 4 and MySQL ...
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