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  1. Simple Session Solution
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    Simple Session Solution is a PHP script for working with session IDs. It provides a simple way to start and end sessionsand also contains a timeout mechanism. Manipulates session data via GET and POST strings to ensure universal access to various site sections. This system uses GET and POST because cookies are either unsafe, or the users have turned them ...
  2. No Screenshot
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    This is a PHP script to create a color sheme from a base color. It creates a list of derived colors that consist of serveral lighter and darker variants of the base color. The script returns an associative array with generated color values in RGB with entry names prefixed with the original color name. It also returns HTML image tags ...
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    ICO files can be parsed and the individual icon images can be extracted as PHP GD image resources. floIcon can also merge ICO files and add new images to an ICO file. It supports ALL icon image sizes and standard bit depths including transparency. Vista ICO files in PNGformat are also supported. Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Transparent Image can create an image of a given size and overlay a set of transparent images on the created image. The generated image can be saved to a local file or served as the active script output, in PNG format. Requirements: PHP 4 or higher
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    A specified image can be loaded and text or other images can be rendered over it. The image transparency and the text font, size and colors are configurable parameters.The resulting image can be saved to a new image file.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    GDColor takes a resource identifier of a previously created image with GD and allocates a new color given is representation in the hexadecimal format.Transparent colors can also be allocated by specifying additional hexadecimal values for the alpha channel level, as well the red, green and blue.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Parameters such as the text message, font, size, rotation, padding, color, background and transparency, can be defined through the URL.
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    ImageTitle, a given text can be rendered on an image with a specified color and font. The width and height of the image is determined automatically, but the class can limit the number of characters to show in a line.ImageTitle can generate multiple images for text split in multiple lines. The generated images may be saved to files in the ...
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    Smart Image can read images in either GIF, JPEG or PNG formats and apply several processing operations. It can rescale an image either by preserving its proportions or cropping it to not exceed and given width or height.An watermark can also be added by overlaying another image at a given position with a configurable transparency level. The processed image can ...
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    Print Logo On Image can open a transparent image in the PNG format and place it over another image in the JPEG format.Different horizontal and vertical alignment options can be used to place the logo image. The resulting image is generated in the JPEG format and outputted as part of the current script.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    imageFiltersIndex can be extended by adding custom filters.Key Features of imageFiltersIndex:- grayscale: Turn an image grayscale- sepia: Turn an image older than it is- yellowize: Add a yellow layer in the front of image (transparent or solid)Requirements: PHP GD extension
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    PHP Dial Gauge generates an image of a dial gauge with a needle pointer rotated to a given value between the minimum and maximum angle.The current value the needle is pointing to can optionally be displayed. The resulting image is served as the current script output in the transparent GIF or PNG formats.Requirements:PHP 5.2 or higher
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    Transparent Watermark is meant to help protecting the sites that own the original images from being stollen by other people that remove the original credits and display the images in other sites without permission.Transparent Watermark will place a watermark with a random displacement and color effect, generally to difficult for watermark removal techniques.
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    CRoundCorner can be used to generate rounded corner images. It can render an image of a given size that can appear rounded in one of the four possible corners.The rounded corner are color, the circle radius and the transparency of the background area are configurable parameters. The image is generated in the PNG format and can be saved to a ...
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    Pic2X can be used to convert images to the XPM format. The input image can be a file in the JPEG, PNG or GIF format, or a resource of an image dynamically created with the GD library.Pic2X supports transparent images and if it is necessary to reduce the output image file size, the class convert true color images to use ...
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