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    Dict Translator can be used to translate words between Polish and English and vice-versa. It connects to the dict.pl site to perform the translation of given words and retrieve the translation results.Dict Translator returns an associative array that relates the original words and the respective translations.
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    Google Translator can be used to translate texts between idioms using the Google translation site.Google Translator takes a text in one of the supported idioms and accesses the Google translation site to perform a translation to another supported idiom.Currently Google Translator supports the idioms: English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.
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    ArTransliteration can be used to transliterate English text to Arabic. It looks for a set of English character sequences and transliterates to equivalent character sequences in Arabic encoded with windows-1256 character set.
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    Translit is a very simple class that can be used to transliterate cyrilic text used in Russian and Ukrainian into strings using latin characters.Translit has a single function that takes as parameters the string of text to transliterate, the encoding used by that input string and the desired encoding to returned the transliterated text.
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    Translator is a reimplementation of QT's Translator class.
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    Translation allows to store and retrieve all the strings on multilingual site in the database. Class connects to any database using PHP PEAR extension - so it needs PEAR to be installed to work correctly.The object should be created for every page. While creation all the strings connected with specific page and the strings connected with all the pages on ...
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    GrWebLang is meant to manage and retrieve translations of texts of multiple idioms that can be used in a site or other type of application. It can store in its variables the translation texts associating them with a given identifier.An application can retrieve the translation of a text to any of the support idioms by specifying the text identifier and ...
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    mysql_query class allows you to generate INSERT-, UPDATE- and DELETE-queries easily, taking a tablename and conditional statement as input.mysql_query can also translate any SELECT-statement into another query. Makes it a bit easier if you have a lot of user-editable tables in your dbase.
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    Terbilang is meant to translate numbers into words in Indonesian or Malay Language.
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    Translator Class is a simple class that is meant to translate text between idioms using Google language translation services.Translator Class takes the text to be translated, its idiom and the idiom into which it is intended to obtain a translation. Then the class submits the translation request to the Google translationwebpage. The result page is parsed to extract the translated ...
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    Babelfish Translator can translate text from one language to another using the Altavista Babelfish Web service.It takes a given text, the original idiom and the translation idiom and connects to the Babelfish site using the PHP Curl extension to retrieve the translated text.Babelfish Translator may also request to translate a page of a given URL.
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    M2 Translator can be used to develop internationalized applications. It can retrieve texts for an application according to the selected locale language using the same text key. The texts for each idiom are stored in plain text data files.M2 Translator provides support for retrieving texts for different sections of the application in order to keep the translation data files small.
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    Site Translator is a small collection of classes which enable the creation of dynamic multilingual websites. The framework allows editors and translators to login and edit the site translations in realtime.The text translations are stored in aMYSQL database table for a flexible way to query and update the translations to the supported idioms.
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    Translate with Altavista Babelfish is meant to translate text between different languages using Altavista Babelfish remote service via the Web.Just pass to the class a text string in any of the supported idioms and obtain it translated to another supported idiom. Currently, the supported idioms are: English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Russian.
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    Write Farsi to Image is a simple class with a single function that can translate Farsi text so it can be used to render in an image with special TrueType fonts using the function ImageTTFText of the PHP GD extension.To render the converted text you need a special type of Farsi font. Please contact the author for more information on ...
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