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  1. PHP Markov chain text generator
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    PHP Markov chain text generator is a PHP script for rearranging text with the Markov method and takes an input text and creates a gibberish out of it. The Markov chain is a random process characterized as memoryless a mathematical system that undergoes transitions from one state to another.
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    The UPS Web services API is queries in order to perform various operations.Key Features of Ultimate Free UPS Pack:- Validate addresses- Calculate shipping rates- Retrieve information about packages in transitRequirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    phpXML Lite is completely stand-alone and is designed to make the XML communications nice and simple in PHP. Because it's stand-alone, it does not require you to install extra libraries, like PEAR or PECL. phpXML Lite properties and methods are modeled after the XML class in Flash, so the transition back and forth between Flash and PHP is much easier.
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