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  1. Crutch MySQLd
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    This PHP script implements a MySQL database access wrapper. It can be used to connect and perform several queries on a MySQL database.Here are some key features of "Crutch MySQL":- Connect to a given MySQL database server host- Execute arbitrary SQL queries- Retrieve query results into arrays- Retrieve the number of result set rows and fields- Retrieve the number of ...
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    The class Paypal Payment Data Transfers can be used to retrieve and process Paypal payment details with PDT. It can process the request arguments when an user is redirected from Paypal back to the seller site. Paypal Payment Data Transfers picks the transaction details for further validation. The transaction finalization should be customized by a sub-class provided by the seller ...
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    After searching for a really simple script that would just allow the user to enter the amount that they want to send to you and then use paypal to process that transaction i found very little. so i have decided to make one of my own out of another script i found by trawling the net. in short the user ...
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    The transaction message type indicator and card transaction details can be passed as parameters. Then it generates a transaction message that is returned as a string. JAK can also do the opposite, i.e. take a string with a transaction message and parse it to get the message type indicator, the bitmap of types of transaction details contained in the message, ...
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    Authorize.net CIM PHP Class can be used to manipulate customer and payment data stored in Authorize.net by accessing the Customer Information Manager (CIM). Authorize.net CIM PHP Class accesses Authorize.net CIM Web services API servers and can request the execution of several types of operations:- Create, retrieve, update or delete a customer profile- Create, retrieve, update, delete or validate a customer ...
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    skipjackResponseCheck is meant for reading and examining a response code from the skipjack payment gateway. It can be used to processed the response files that are returned when any transaction is made.
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    skipjack class is meant to perform payment transactions through the Skipjack payment gateway. It allows you request payment authorization and check the status of a transaction.skipjack requires cURL library support. Command-line cURL should be working.
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    This class can be used to process payments using the Authorize.net payment gateway. It can gather all details of a payment and submit a request to Authorize.net payments Web services API server to process the defined payment. The class returns an error message if the HTTP request fails. The payment request response is returned in a class variable.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or ...
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    Several operations can be executed on the Paypal Web Services servers.Key Features of Paypal NVP:- Search for transactions- Retrieve transaction details- Do direct paymentsRequirements: PHP 4.4 or higher
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    Hotspot can be used to retrieve billing information about wireless ISP services of Hotspot Solutions.Hotspot uses a SOAP client to retrieve several types of information like the current connections, transactions, gateways, accounts, whether the gateway is online and create new accounts.Requirements:PHP 5.1
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    PHP Interface to Webmoney can be used to submit payment requests to the Webmoney.ru or wmtransfer.com sites.PHP Interface to Webmoney can setup a Web form with all the details to submit a payment request. It can also validate and handle responses to payment pre-requests, notifications and results.
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    Ultimate MySQL has been developed with speed and low resource consumption in mind.Key Features of Ultimate MySQL:- Establish MySQL server connections- Execute SQL queries- Query a single value or a single row- Retrieve query results into arrays or resource objects- Retrieve the last inserted ID- Manage transactions (transaction processing)- Retrieve the list tables of a database- Retrieve the list fields ...
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    The Authorize.net CIM Web services API is accessed and several types of operations are performed.Key Features of Authorize.net CIM PHP Class:- Create, retrieve, update or delete a customer profile- Create, retrieve, update, delete or validate a customer payment profile- Create, retrieve, update or delete a customer shipping address- Create a customer profile transactionRequirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Requests are built and sent to the Authorize.net Web services API server.The supported types of request perform several types of transactions to manage recurring payments like creating, updating and cancel subscriptions.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    e-Gold can be used to manage an e-Gold account. It can access the e-Gold site on behalf of an authenticated user. e-Gold can perform several types of operations:- Retrieve the history of transactions- Retrieve the account balance of different metals- Retrieve the exchange rates of the metals- Verify whether a given transaction would be allowed- Perform a payment transaction- Retrieve ...
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