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    1770 total visits
    The IP of the visitor is checked for the entry stored in a MySQL database in order to determine if the user has already visited the website.Ads and content limit stores the current date and time in the database table if the user has not accessed the site today. Otherwise the class increments the number of accesses of the user. ...
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    1565 total visits
    Icecast Analytics is an Open Source PHP website traffice analysis software. Simple PHP oject script for allowing simple communication with Icecast stream seavers. Currently this class only supports single stream servers.
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    1325 total visits
    A HTTP request is sent to a Shoutcast server in order to retrieve usage statistics.Currently Shoutcast Analytics can return the current, peak, reported and maximum numbers of listeners, music genre and title, server title and URL, current stream connections, status and bit rate, and played songs history.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    1793 total visits
    Counter & Visitor statistics is not only a PHP counter tool but also a visitor registration and statistic tool. Version 2 is a replacement of the old count_visitor class. There are lot of good systems like this script but most of them are really complex and difficult to modify.You have to use this kind of systems like provided. This script ...
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    2186 total visits
    Access Statistics is an Open Source PHP tracking script,Access Statistics is meant to keep track of the statistics of the accesses to the pages of a site.The accesses to site pages that use this class are recorded in log files that can be processed later to present a summary of the accesses.Access Statistics can be configured to ignore accesses to ...
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    2174 total visits
    Ezcounter is meant to count user visit or page hits. It is text based (no database) and the (text) output digits can be formatted with CSS when a CSS class is defined. Ezcounter is a powerful and free PHP counter script.
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    1903 total visits
    Plottable Online Script is a free and Open Source php counter script.Plottable Online Script uses a database table to keep track of several statistics about the users online of a site. Features of Plottable Online Script:- Uses a MySql as cc- Determines a new visitor based on IP address and session id- Supports different modes of detect a new visitor- ...
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    1781 total visits
    The counter shows: Daily, weekly, montly, yearly and all visitors + online record. It is working with an text file, thus there is no database needed.The PHP Counter Script is based on an text file and needs no database. The script includes an IP blocker and blocks of lot of bots, to get sure that only real visitors will be ...
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    2074 total visits
    Yahoo accesses the Yahoo online status Web server to check the status of a given user.The response is parsed and true or false is returned, depending of whether the user is online or not.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    2392 total visits
    Online Visitors Count uses the IP address of the visitor accessing the site to keep track of the visit in a MySQL database. Online Visitors Count is a free PHP counter script.The number of visitors still active for the last five minutes is returned by default.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    1839 total visits
    Traffic exchnages are great ways to get repeat visitors and free hits to all of your sites. Provide a traffic exchange on your server for free with this continually evolving open source engine.It is PHP based with a MYSQL database and highly customisable, very simple and can suit any given design with a bit of modification. We provide support and ...
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