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    SHDetect is an application statistics tracker. It can be used to collect data from your users, such as application version, build number, operating system and the locale of the user's machine. The script was written as a simple alternative to the Sparkle statistics script.
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    WP-Trader is a plugin transforms WordPress into a torrent tracker. It comes complete with administration pages, upload forms, torrent index, tracking, announcing and data hashing. The main part of the code was ported from the TorrenTrader script. Admin panel has a safety feature to not delete the plugin options and data when deactivated. Nevertheless it can be disabled if wanting ...
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    VSP Stats is a game statistics tracker written in PHP and MySQL. It basically parses multiplayer game log files, records details to a database and presents it nicely to users and gamers. If errors are popping in the resulted pages, update ADOdb to the most recent version. Features of VSP Stats:Supported games:- Call Of Duty 1 & Call ofDuty: United ...
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    Research Project Calculator, also RPC, is a project task and assignment tracker and was designed for school assignments, for students and teachers to add, edit, track and complete work on their projects.Features of Research Project Calculator:- User accounts- Save assignments per user- Teacher/student accounts- Email notification of assignment milestones- Interactive assignment editing- Assignment categories- MilestonesWhat's New in This Version:- Fixed ...
  5. PHP Web Statistik
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    The PHP Web Stat offers you a highly configurable web tracker and detailed real-time web stat script. You will be able to analyze and monitor all visitors of your website.In addition to the statistic script, we offer a counter script that can be placed in a website (example on the right side).This script can be used in different languages. Furthermore ...
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