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  1. CLImax
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    CLImax is a PHP tool for creating CLI applications, which is a small framework for simplifying the process of adding CLI commands and arguments for PHP apps. It can be used for developing stand-alone PHP CLI apps, or add CLI capabilities to an exisiting app. A demo is included with the download package. Limitations:- Still in alpha development, might change ...
  2. PHP Depend
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    PHP Depend is a port to PHP of the JDepend Java development tool. It performs static code analysis on a given source base, calculating project metrics. Features of PHP Depend:- Average Hierarchy Height- Average Number of Derived Classes- Afferent Coupling- Number of Method or Function Calls- Coupling Between Objects- Cyclomatic Complexity Number- Extended Cyclomatic Complexity Number- Efferent Coupling- Class Interface ...
  3. phpWords
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    phpWords can be used to maintain an online database of foreign words in multiple languages. The languages currently demonstrated are Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, and Spanish.These words can then be exported and placed in a Microsoft Access database to create mail merge lists or flashcards. There is also a custom Visual Basic 6 application for printing the lists in flashcard format ...
  4. CoughPHP
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    This is an PHP ORM (Object Relation Mapping) tool and includes simple methods for all CRUD functionality. CoughPHP maps relational database schemas to PHP objects.Features of CoughPHP:- Advanced Database Configurations- Generating Classes- Autoloader- Query Helpers- Interoperability- Efficiency- SimplicityRequirements:- PHP 5 or HigherWhat's New in This Version:- Ported getFieldsThroughGetters, setFieldsThroughSetters, and test cases from A.S. branch.- Updated copyright information.
  5. QuickAPI
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    This PHP script is designed to implement an API with other classes or functions. It registers functions of an API using either global functions, static functions of given classes or functions of a already existing objects. It can also call the reqistered functions passing it given parameters.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
  6. No Screenshot
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    MYSQLCLS_DB is a MySQL database access wrapper. It can establish connections, manage transactions, execute queries, and retrieve results into arrays or single values.If the connection is lost, MYSQLCLS_DB tries to reconnect before executing any queries.
  7. No Screenshot
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    SMS gateway API can be used to send SMS messages via different SMS providers. Currently it provides separate classes to send SMS messages via Clickatell and ITS4SMS.
  8. No Screenshot
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    Form Table Generator can be used to generate HTML forms for adding or editing MySQL database table records. It retrieves the list of fields of a given MySQL database table. Then it generates HTML forms for entering values of records of that table.The table primary key field can be automatically omitted from the output. The generated forms may be populated ...
  9. No Screenshot
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    Metabase is package of classes that provide DBMS independent access and management of databases.Features of Metabase:- Dual API call forms- Direct driver class object callsGlobal function calls- Set of functions that call the selected DBMS driver objects functions supporting when possible- Database connection setup with support for connection strings- Operation error handling- Query constant data conversion- Direct queries- Prepared queries- ...
  10. No Screenshot
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    Detector can be used to determine which plug-ins the user browser supports and what is the available screen resolution.Detector uses AJAX to send the browser plug-ins and screen resolution information without reloading the current page. A script can collect the information sent via AJAX and store it in server side files.
  11. No Screenshot
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    FIFO Queue provides an implementation of FIFO queue. You can push any type of objects to the queue and pop them by the order they were retrieved.FIFO Queue comes in distinct versions for PHP 4 and for PHP 5 using an abstract base class and private and public variables and functions.
  12. No Screenshot
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    Numero por extenso is meant to spell quantity numbers using brazilian portuguese words. The idea of the class is inspired in a similar class by another developer english that spells numbers using english words.Numero por extenso can optionally capitalize the initials and the portuguese words that represent the given number.Limitations:The comments and the documentation are in portuguese.
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