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    Prioritexter is a web-based todo list application. The basic concept of Prioritexter is that todo items aregiven priorities, and reorder themselves according to a combination of due date, priority, and a random element.
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    SamTodo is a simple PHP application that makes managing a todo list as easy as possible. It allows for a prioritized and categorized listing of information ensuring that you won't forget important tasks again.The source code is easy to understand and the entire program is stylized using CSS (so it can be easily adapted to your needs). SamTodo only requires ...
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    ScreamingToDos is a PHP/MySQL-based todo list manager. The goal of ScreamingToDos is to be as simple as possible, while maintaining the greatest flexibility and useability.
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    Todolist.php is a set of PHP scripts that create a web-based list of things to do. Items can be added and removed, and are sorted by an assigned priority.Todolist.php was inspired by todo, some CGI-Scripts, written by Marc Bayerkohler and Joel Thomas. It was started because I wanted to learn PHP3 and really needed an easy to use todo-list for ...
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    Blue Smiley Organizer is web-based script to manage your bookmarks, diary, reminders, to-do lists, contacts, knowledge, file upload in a multi-user environment. It also includes its own live support help system, blogs, themes, and a discussion forum.
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    Simple straight forward PHP/MySQL events list. No cheesy little calendar graphic you have to click on to get more information, just a simple list where you can see everything at once.Events are sorted by date and time and segregated into upcoming and past events lists. Clean, minmal design easily customizable with CSS.
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    Playbill is meant to manipulate and retrieve information about scheduled cultural events like shows, theatre exhibitions, cinema movies, etc.. The information of the script is stored in a MySQL database. Functions of Playbill:- Add or retrieve information about the categories of events- Add or retrieve information about the locations where the events of a given category take place- Add or ...
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    Todo List can be used to generate update, delete and list tasks of a to do list stored in a database. The script can also manage folders that can contain different groups of to do tasks. Requirements: PHP 4.5 or higher
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    Task Types can help the developer generate, update, list and delete tasks types of a to do list stored in a database. The script can also manage folders that can contain different groups of to do task types. Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    myTinyTodo is a simple open source to-do list script written in PHP and jQuery. myTinyTodo features for fast and easy task management in AJAX style. It uses mysql or sqlite database.
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    M-Ariza is a open source and freeware programmed and developed by our company of Mask Production. And it is a Maintenance Follow-up Web Application. Advantages of M-Ariza Maintenance Follow-up Web Application:- PHP & Linux Its code based on PHP. As you know PHP is open source and anonymous programming language. PHP assembler is works on most using operating systems We ...
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    php todolist is a more advanced approach for simple todo lists. It is an ajax/sql-based multi user todolist, with priority, status and categories. You can use it as a bug track / feature request and task manager system within a group of developers.
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    TAF is a small todo list manager written in PHP that uses PostgreSQL database on backend.Features of TAF: multi-user, priority, category, assigned-user management of a task list, and closed (terminated) tasks with termination date.The authentification mechanism is based on 'valid users' under Apache, to avoid another users database. Please nothat that this script is written in french.
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