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  1. TinyURL
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    A simple, very small PHP scripts for the tinyurl.com public API, for dynamically shortening URLs on the fly via simple HTTP requestsThe TinyURL script should be very easy to setup. No API key is required.Usage instructions are included with the download package, atop the class' source code.
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    Tiny URL is a script showing TinyURL short links for WordPress blog posts and pages. The WordPress 'Tiny URL' plugin will display a grab-box at the end of each page's content, with the current URL minified via the TinyURL.com service. A 'Copy to clipboard' button can also be shown next to the grab-box for easier access. Installation:- Unpack and upload ...
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    Phurl is a PHP based free URL shortening script. It allows developers to build URL shortening services like TinyURL just in seconds. Features of Phurl:- Admin panel- Mnage shortened URLs- Automatic updater for new Phurl versions- Custom URL aliases- Browser bookmarklets- Install wizard- CAPTCHA (image) verification- Can run with or without mod_rewrite module (configurable)- Can handle urls with or without ...
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