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    ArDate implements functionality similar to PHP date function. It takes as parameters a timestamp integer value and a date format string.The class returns a string formatted represented the given date in Arabic encoded using the Windows-1256 character set. The names of the months, days of the week and AM and PM references are translated into the Arabic equivalents.A date from ...
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    DateFunction is a simple class that can be used to spell time relative to a period or the current time.It takes a timestamp of a given moment or of a start and end of a period and returns a text string that spells the time that elapsed in seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years.Requirements: PHP 5.0
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    Day Iterator iterates over the days of a range of dates. It takes an initial and an end date in the form of timestamps to specify the date range.Day Iterator implements the PHP 5 Iterator interface. Using the foreach command, it returns each day contained in the given date range.
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    CalcDate can be used to calculate the difference between two dates. It implements an date difference calculation.CalcDate takes UNIX timestamp values as arguments. The difference between two dates is returned as an associative array with entries that represent the time interval in terms of years, months, weeks and days.
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    Active Calendar is a script that generates calendars for a given month or year as a HTML tables (XHTML-Valid). It is based on the PHP native date functions (default) and supports optionally the ADOdb Date Library. Supported dates (on systems using a 32-bit signed integer Unix time_t):- Using PHP native date functions: 1902 - 2037 (UNIX) and 1971 - 2037 ...
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    Class intended to format timestamps in different time zones.
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    phpDateTime consists of several classes for manipulating dates, times and time intervals.There is a class for manipulating a date, another for manipulating times (not only time of day, this can also be 156:45:10 or 3 Weeks), another to manipulate a date with time of day and another to manipulate timespans.phpDateTime supports multiple data and time representation formats (ISO, DIN, AMI, ...
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