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  1. text2timestamp
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    This is a PHP script can be used to parse and extract times from English text. It takes a string to analyze and recognize time based expressions. More than 20 time format variations can be recognized. The script extract the time mentioned in the text as well the remaining action text that is related to the time expression.Examples:1. 6pm call ...
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    This class was created to hold a range of dates and make it easy to check if a given date is within that range. You can also set a series of dates to be excluded from this range.For example, create a range of "December 21, 2007" to "March 21, 2008" and call it "Spring." You could then check to see ...
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    Working with Dates beyond 2038 in PHP4/5 is a PHP Date Class Library for converting timestamps beyond the year 2038. This script can also perform a few String to Time functions.
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    This class can be used to perform operations and to manipulate time dates. It performs various date operations like date formatting in different ways, converting between timestamp values and date strings, adding a period of time to a given date. It also allows users to compare dates. Requirements:PHP 5 or higher
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    Local Date Display is a simple PHP script that ensures you can display the local time and/or date, even when your web server is located in a different time zone to the date and/or time you want to display.Ideal in situations such as virtual web hosting. Presently limited (as a simple 4-line script) in that you need to update the ...
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    DateRange is a fairly simple php class. It’s main function is to create a range of dates - allowing you to quickly check to see if a given date is within that range. DateRange stores the start and end dates as Unix timestamps, but it is designed to take either a timestamp or a formatted date string as input. It ...
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    Text to Timestamp is a specified string with a relative time expression in English like "x time ago" can be parsed into a time value. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Manage Time takes as parameter a date and time representation in either the formats: timestamp, datetime or date. It can convert the input date and time into one of the three formats mentioned and the output is stored in class variables. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Dates can be returned as MySQL timestamp, timestamp, day, month, year separately and in one string. Key Features of TinyDateHelper:- 6,7 -> 06.07.2003 (expands to the current year)- 6,7,99 -> 06.07.1999- 6.7 -> 06.07.2003- 06,07 -> 06.07.2003- 06-07-03 -> 06.07.2003- 6sjdfh7sjdk -> 06.07.2003
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    Two dates that defined the first and last days in the range, are passed as parameters. Make Days List returns an array with timestamp values of each day from the first and last days.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    The PHP date pattern format can also be used to display the timestamp.
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    The goal of Format timestamp is to simplify the manipulation of date and time values that are used in calculations and later are stored in database fields.With Format timestamp is it possible to convert a date and time field into a (ISO or UNIX) timestamp and vice-versa. The date and time values are validated before converting them.
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    A timestamp is taken as argument and used to build the string of words spelling the time in English.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    A specified number of days, months and years can be added to the current date.The resulting date can be returned as an associative array with entries for the date with a given format, as Unix timestamp, and also separating the year, month and day components.
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    An amount of days can be added to or subtracted from a specified date. c_date can also calculate the difference of days between two dates, returning fractions of days as result. Use the round() or floor() to eliminate fractions.Limitations: c_date uses the strtotime() function to convert the dates into 32 bit integer timestamp values to perform the calculations. Therefore, c_date ...
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