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  1. PHP_Invoker
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    This is a PHP script for invoking code with a timeout. If he execution does not finish before the specified timeout, the script raises an exception.Installation:- PHP_Invoker should be installed using the PEAR Installer.
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    PHP-Progressbar is designed to prevent timeouts with this progress bar for PHP. It is an easy to use error handling solution for time consuming operations and loops in PHP. The script increases the timelimit for script-execution (if safe-mode is turned off), prevents a browser-timeout by sending pieces auf the progressbar to the browser and gives the user live-feedback on the ...
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    setTimeout and setInterval can register one or more callback functions that should be called after a given timeout value or every time after a given period of time elapses.A single callback function is registered to handle PHP tick calls. That function takes care of calling all registered timer callback functions.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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