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    Time Online is meant to keep track of the time the users spend visiting the pages of a site.It can keep track of the time spent in a single page, on the entire site using the same session or the total time since the first access.Time Online can display in the site HTML pages the time spent and keep displaying ...
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    Cronometro is to measure the time that passed between two moments of execution of a PHP script. It provides functions to start and stop the time count and also to display the time that elapsed since the start of the count. The time is measured in microseconds.
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    Schedule is meant to render schedule time tables graphics from definitions in XML format. The schedule definitions specify the days that will appear in one axis of the time table and the hours of the day that appear in the other axis.The schedule include the definitions of the blocks of time that are allocated including the start time, duration of ...
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    phpDateTime provides you php-Classes for easier handling (Day)Time and Date-Values like seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and Calendar-Dates and Timespans, espacially as interface between DB and Display. Ithandles Unix-Timestamp, MySQL-Timestamp, ISO, DIN, AMI, UK, local-names and more.
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    Date( ) to Image Swap determines the date using the date()function and then displays an image based on the date found. This script uses a switch statement.
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