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    displays the date (yyyy, mm, dd) and time (hh, min, ss) dropdowns in a form by PHP and JS keeps track of the user changes (with PHP help ofcourse :)The net datetime value is set in the field that is provided.
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    Manipulate date and time is a siple class that can be used to perform arithmetic operations with dates. It can add or subtract a period in years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds to a given date or a time.Limitations:The code and comments are in Spanish.
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    Utility class to get the the server time difference. If your local time is *behind* the server time, then change the " " to a "-" in the example variable $h.
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    Display a list of 'days until' a set of events, includes a simple example and a more complex one as child classes. Could easily be extended to multi-user and notifications via email by adding a user table and owner columns. Written to MySQL but db access is simple enough to adapt.
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    Gets very accurate time from NIST, accurate to 0.01 seconds. Gets current date and time. You can run cron or scheduler to automatically sync your computer's time with USA atomic clock.Runs on all OSes - unix, linux, Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT
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    bbWorldTime can display the current time worldwide. You can choose the local zone to specify the time and it can display current time worldwide in a table.
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    Fuzzy File Times is a simple class that will return the created, modified and accessed times of a file (unix timestamp), and a slightly more fuzzy time string, such as "today at...", "yesterday at...". Fuzzy File Times only includes a small amount of 'fuzziness' right now, but could easily be built on.
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    Simple Date Time Object is a simple class to perform calculations with dates and times and convert formats between those used by PHP and MySQL.It may perform date and time calculations like adding and subtracting a period of time, calculating the difference of days between dates, etc..Simple Date Time Object may also generate different HTML form select fields with options ...
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    Two times are taken, first at the beginning and the second time at the end of the script. Subsequently, the difference of the times is determined and returned.
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    The methods are fully documented in class comments.Key Features of class.datetime.php:- compareDates()- timeStringToStamp()- timeStampToString()- timeFormat()- timeToHumanReadable()- fuzzyTimeString()
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    phpDateTime consists of several classes for manipulating dates, times and time intervals.There is a class for manipulating a date, another for manipulating times (not only time of day, this can also be 156:45:10 or 3 Weeks), another to manipulate a date with time of day and another to manipulate timespans.phpDateTime supports multiple data and time representation formats (ISO, DIN, AMI, ...
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    This is a new class to handle shifting dates. It is designed for use when browsing data from a database using YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS time schemas. class.dateTimeManager.php is useful for stepping though sets of results by X amount of seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, and years.
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    Logging Class uses environment variables and date/time functions to log visitors data like IP address, port, browser, date and time and creates either text or xml outputs.
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    PHP Cron Parser can be used to parse cron tab files to retrieve job schedules.The idea is to provide an alternative solution for scheduling tasks when it is not to use the cron program usually available and Unix/Linux systems.PHP Cron Parser accept the standard crontab format, including comma separated and range values. It can calculate the next time a scheduled ...
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    CDate is meant to perform manipulation of dates like for instance adding a time interval to a given date.
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